Master Craftsman: Joe Badilla, Painter

Joe Badilla, Photo: Courtesy Badilla Painters, Inc.

Fascination is a funny thing–it’s not as all-consuming as an obsession but more so than an interest. It’s like a faint ringing in the distance, in the back of our minds, beckoning us to pursue it and answer the call. Joe Badilla, founder of Bridgehampton-based Badilla Painters, Inc., answered. Emigrating from Costa Rica to the…
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Hedges Index: Finding Home-Loving 4s

Image: 123RF

The East End real estate and residential building markets have seen a considerable boom in 2020, with many summer visitors choosing to stay indefinitely and others looking to buy, rent or build–anything they can do to stay in this slice of paradise long-term. As the real estate market enters the fourth quarter of 2020, we…
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The Art of Architecture with Ric Stott

“If a building can evoke an emotion, the designer can lift a person’s spirit,” says architect Richard Stott, AIA, LEED AP. “By lifting a spirit, the individual is happier, healthier and more productive.” An award-winning architect who has given Hamptons green design a golden touch–this past March, Stott Architecture received a LEED Gold rating from…
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Master Craftsman: Erling Hope, East End Maker

Art and fabrication are often seen as opposite ends of the design spectrum–the former can be used to evoke emotion, introspection, inspiration, reflection, rebellion, communion, while the latter is created to serve a more practical function. Not so for the design work of East End maker Erling Hope, which transcends these limiting labels and exists…
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