Behind The Hedges 24.09.2018 13:33 An Extremely Charming Sag Harbor Antique with Pool

An Extremely Charming Sag Harbor Antique with Pool

November 10, 2017 By Laura Euler
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We've posted a lot about older Sag Harbor houses often here, but that's just because they tend to be so damn attractive, unlike most of the cookie cutter new homes. And this one on Green Street is no different. Built in 1800, the house is listed by Mala Sander at Corcoran, asking $3.495 million.

We were just discussing with a friend the other day how much we dislike over-renovated old houses. The house should still feel old--alterations should be done with a light, thoughtful touch. And that's what's happened here. The beams, the wide-plank floors, the old windows, all make for vintage charm (as does the sailboat wallpaper).

Of course, like most of these houses, it's not huge at 2300 square feet and the lot is tiny at 0.3 of an acre, but both have all you need: three bedrooms, three baths, a library, sunroom, and so on. Outside, there's a pool and a lounge area with brick patio.

Price is about right as a starting point--we'd prefer it were about $200K less, but we'll see what happens.

For more, click here. 5 Green Street, Sag Harbor


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Mala Sander

Technically not 1800s... but you'd never know from looking at the house! Built in 2003 and filled with so many authentic architectural details, it's easy to mistake it for an original 1800s home.