Seven Acres on Chauncey Close: Back on the Market for $85 Million


This interesting property, which consists of two parcels right on Georgica Pond with ocean views, first came to market in 2015 asking $45 million. Of course that’s a huge price for non-oceanfront; the house, constructed from an old barn from Hever Castle in England, where the Boleyn family live, was assembled on the site in the 1970s. Charming and different, of course, with 500-year-old adze marks on the beams, but not what today’s high-end buyer wants. So the property didn’t sell, even after it was reduced to $32 million.

Now it’s back, represented by Lori Schiaffino at Compass, and asking an even more eyewatering $85 million. The old barn, in this go-round, is a tear-down (presumably it will be sold on somewhere and saved. Right? Right?) and a new swanky home to be designed by Steven Gambrel and built by Jeffrey Colle is on offer. The 14,000 square foot, seven bedroom house will presumably offer all the standard high-end amenities, in the exquisite taste both men are known for. From the renderings, there’ll also be a pool, pool house, garage, greenhouse and formal garden.

And of course, there’s a generous seven acres of land and gorgeous views across the pond to the ocean. Lovely. The only sticky wicket, then, is the price. Is anyone going to leap at $85 million for non-oceanfront? Let us know in the comments.

For more, click here. 19 & 23 Chauncey Close, East Hampton