A Handsome Further Lane Spread is Rapidly Dropping in Price


This property, just a short hop from the Two Mile Hollow Beach, debuted on the market last September asking $10.95 million. We didn’t think it was a bad asking price, although the house itself definitely needs some updates, but since then more than $2 million has been carved off the ask. As of yesterday, the price was $8.85 million. Sure seems like the seller is serious about unloading the place.

All photos via Compass.com

So what do you get for your almost nine large? 1.31 acres of nicely done gardens, including bluestone patioes, a pool, and a gym/poolhouse. The five bedroom house has been done in a very traditional style, but there are still interesting bits to enjoy, such as the beams in the peaked ceilings and the attractive painted kitchen floor. The rooms are all spacious, including the bathrooms. There is 5,205 square feet in all. Surely, this place, represented by Scott Strough, Kathleen Zappola, and Ed Petrie at Compass, will find a buyer soon.


For more, click here. 209 Further Lane, East Hampton