Introducing the Monthly Hedges Market Report

hedges market report

Real estate is the sport of the Hamptons: everyone wants to know how everyone feels about the market and where it’s going. Every three months, the larger brokerages produce a report on the state of the Hamptons real estate market. But they don’t always agree about what is taking place and they don’t offer insider opinions about where the market is headed. Enter the Hedges Market Report! Each month we plan to survey local real estate agents about how their business is doing and what their outlook is—entirely anonymously. Then we’ll compile the data into a report for everyone to read.

So below is a link to the first questionnaire—don’t worry, it’s very short and fast. Remember, it’s entirely anonymous, so please be honest.

[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”17E77096BA169094″ height=”auto” domain=”dennisrodriguez85719″ id=”hedges-market-report-december-2017″]

Got an opinion? There’s room for entering any concerns you have on the poll, or feel free to drop us a line. Thanks for your time.