At Home with Michael Snell

Michael Snell
Michael Snell, Photo: Courtesy Snell

Those who criticize millennials for a lack of ambition or work ethic might want to meet Michael Snell. The East Hamptonite, founder of The MJS Groupe, has spent twelve years in the luxury-marketing field. He is passionate about his work. “I think I work 22 out of the 24 hours of the day, continuing to keep all of my projects, clients and connections,” he says.

Snell’s extensive career in the luxury brand and consumer space started at Bloomingdale’s Inc. corporate offices. He later went on to manage the Customer Experience Program at Tesla Motors. There, he was promoted onto the marketing team, where he launched Model X, Model 3, Powerwall, Gigafactory and Solar Roof while overseeing the global visibility campaign structure as a direct report to Elon Musk on his management team. Following his time at Tesla he moved to BMW Group of North America to join the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars North America team.

Following his time as Marketing Manager for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Snell founded his company.

Michael Snell, Photo: Courtesy Snell
Photo: Courtesy Michael Snell

Tell us a little about your company.

The MJS Groupe was formed a little over three years ago, stemming from a personal need to invest a deeper creative stamp and the idea of redesigning the approach of traditional marketing and press principals in the luxury space. The idea was to harness the most out-of-the-box millennial minds that are driving the creative intuition and use that to drive our projects.

Being a millennial myself, I felt that it was important to create alongside a generation of my peers who are also able to interpret the global and economical climate as it would relate to a client’s visibility strategy. While MJS Groupe grew up alongside some of the largest firms in the business, I really wanted it to be fun, fresh and an exciting place to both work and also create!

Designing a full-service firm was no small feat. We work with inspired companies, global influencers, and power-brands specifically catering to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth consumers to design all core strategic engagements to deliver results while seamlessly integrate bespoke, one-of-a-kind tailored experiences from concept strategy marketing, to branding, press integration, and platform design of every company within the portfolio. I wanted The MJS Groupe to truly foster the engagement of each designed campaign we create always driving back each valuable consumer action. We make sure that whether you’re just starting out or you’re evolving your brand, our goal is to help to curate every impression you make.

You recently received some prestigious awards.

We have recently been honored with two prestigious awards for our work over the last year. Both extremely important parts of the marketing and press worlds.

Announced as part of the early recipient winners for the 14th Annual Hermes Creative Awards presented by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, The MJS Groupe received the top ‘Platinum Award’ achievement under the Public Relations, Communications & Strategic Programs category. This was for our work on a project titled “Honoring the Icon – Quincy Jones.”

Additionally, for the same project, “Honoring the Icon – Quincy Jones.” The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts announced at the 26th Annual Communicator Awards.

Talk about your life on the East End.

In a word–relaxed. Going between both NYC and East Hampton and now, having spent time here since February, I’m not sure how everyone else can live. The same amount of work can be achieved, with the same amount of people and time–I think it truly took everyone reevaluating their daily priorities how they would rather spend their time. And mine is out here where I can live and work with the beach air in my face and sill be in the vicinity to world class shopping and Michelin-star dining. What’s better than that?

Michael Snell
Photo: Courtesy Michael Snell

How would you describe your home’s style?

Nothing but neutrals and clean vibes–tones of sands and beiges, with endless amounts of books, adornments to each tabletop and little curiosities found from travels or those collected on impulse.

You’ll definitely find a large amount of automotive paraphernalia throughout–that might even be an understatement. You won’t have to look hard to see a grill from a classic Rolls-Royce or see the crystal statuettes from historical competitions–like the 1942 Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este.

Admittedly, I enjoy iconic designer pieces, which you’ll too find matched with curated and unique pieces of art throughout. The home is just an extension of one’s ability of expression, never limited to just fashion I’ve always felt that you can also live in any style that you sport.

How has the meaning of “home” changed for you, following the COVID-19 quarantine? Have the past few months changed your perspective?

As an individual, the past few months for me were quite reflective. I have always been an extremely self-sufficient individual, and most who know me have always said that if anyone could survive a quarantine it would have been Michael! While the meaning of home for most have us would have normally referred to our place of family, comfort and rest, now for me it’s also a place of work, retreat, sanctuary, family and definitely has now adapted into more of my hub of everything. I’m an extremely flexible person, great with change–so again, for me, this was easy. For those who need consistency and cannot find the ability to make a regimented work-from-home routine for themselves work, I can’t imagine the torture!

What are a few of your favorite places to visit on the East End? 

My favorite beach is Georgica Beach, as its usually less crowded and offers the most exquisite sunsets, however Main beach is a close second–only after 6 p.m.–as that is when I can bring my two nieces, who happen to be yellow labs, with me for a good run through the sand and surf.

You will most likely catch me at Lulu’s in Sag Harbor, Harbor Bistro or Dopo la Spiaggia. But if I’m craving seafood, I’ll be hidden at Duryea’s or taking-out Bostwick’s. It’s no secret that I spend more time in a daydreaming about dinner and snacks then I do anything else, and most friends would agree, especially Kyle and team at Grindstone Doughnuts.

Shopping…well, I’m pretty selective and for me its great because there is a sprinkling of each of my favorites like the larger Loro Pianas and Brunello Cucinellis down to the boutique brands in each town. One of the most exciting things I’ve seen to come about is that more and more pop-ups have taken over and keep our area interesting and changing. An investment in this area is crucial from a business, marketing and tourism perspective.