Kilkare, the Iconic Beach House, Has Its Price Cut $10 Million

kilkare, the iconic

This is the house in all the generic “the Hamptons” stock photos. The house from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The house from Interiors (a masterpiece by Woody Allen). Beautiful Kilkare, built in 1879 by shipbuilders, has had only two families call it home in all these years.

The property came onto the market back in August, asking $55 million. We thought then that it wasn’t a bad price at all, but the fact is, Kilkare is not an easy sell. It’s not a new home and it’s not the standard trophy home a Wall Streeter might want. It will take a very special person to buy it. (And we don’t even want to hear about the possibility of its being torn down. Nope. Sorry. Can’t hear you.)

All photos via Compass

The house is 5,000 square feet with 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and 9 fireplaces and of course are filled with period charm. There are 2.81 acres of land set on the ocean, and the house is of course in the highly sought after Georgica Association, which is both safe and very private, and offers activities such as sailing on the pond, tennis courts, and a clubhouse. There’s a pool, of course, a “zen garden” and a grove of cherry trees.

Now the property, repped by Ed Petrie and James Petrie at Compass and Beate Moore and Frank Newbold at Sotheby’s, has had its price lowered by $10 million down to $45 million. One could pay more in East Hampton or Southampton, heck, even in Montauk, and not get a house as lovely, as iconic, and as filled with history as Kilkare. So we say: snap it up, lucky rich person, and be the next caretaker of this beauty.

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