A Three Bed in Hampton Bays for $525K Includes Free Indoor Dog Poop


Selling and staging your home involves a lot of steps. It’s important to create curb appeal, which the owners of this three-bedroom for sale in Hampton Bays have accomplished via some dog statues and many spiral topiaries.


Inside, the house needs to be as clean and uncluttered as possible. It might have been a good idea to move that coat rack aside for the photo, but heck, the owners have kids, they can’t think of everything all the time.

Then we get to the kids’ rooms and….

….seriously? Can we get a pooper scooper in the princess bedroom, stat?

We might add that this photo was taken, uploaded, and put on MLSLI and Zillow, where it’s been for 273 days now, and no one has fixed it? Well, at least if it doesn’t feature curb appeal, it features curb-your-dog appeal.

For more, click here. (Though one would hope someone will fix soon.)