Looking Back at the ‘Master Craftsman’ Columns From 2023

Master Craftsman 2023

Inside most Behind The Hedges magazines, our Master Craftsman column highlights people who help make our house a home. Whether in Dan’s Papers, the Long Island Press or in Behind The Hedges Palm Beach, they use their skills to refine the home, whether it’s creating an item we use or enjoy every day, like audiovisual specialists at Crescendo Design in Southampton, a muralist in Palm Beach and an East Meadow resident who creates bear carvings.

A look back at the Master Craftsman subjects we featured in 2023:

Ron Barbagallo, pinball machines
Ron Barbagallo in his shop in SmithtownRob Cuni Photography

Ron Barbagallo: The Pinball Wizard

Ron Barbagallo goes full tilt on refurbishing pinball machines as these intricate throwback games end up in residential game rooms.

Master Craftsman, Jil Gordon, murals
Jil Gordon paints a mural.Courtesy of Jil Gordon

Magic Murals: Jil Gordon Transforms Rooms With Art

Jil Gordon, a Delray Beach resident and artist who specializes in murals, is in the business of creating a “wow” effect in homes around the country.

Frank Tedeschi, finishing
Frank Tedeschi makes a touch up on a chair with minor damage, an art within itself.Alfonse Anacrelico

Frank Tedeschi and the Art of Finishing

Frank Tedeschi Sr. specializes in making older furniture look new or at least good as new. So it’s no surprise that he’s very aware of what, technically, constitutes an antique.

Imaginariums by Elissa
A terrarium design with low-light succulents, preserved florals and aquamarine stones created by Imaginariums by Elissa.Courtesy of Imaginariums by Elissa

Elissa Capetanakis and the Zen of Plant Styling

Elissa Capetanakis of Imaginariums by Elissa calls herself a plant stylist, and she creates terraniums, designs tablescapes and holds workshops.

Cover photo, Gregg Klewicki Master Craftsman, chainsaw carvings
Courtesy of Scott Cohn/scottmcohn.com

‘Bearing’ His Soul Through Chainsaw Carving

Gregg Klewicki, also known as Gregg the Woodcarver, has left his mark on Long Island and is continuing to do so. Bear carvings are his signature, particularly benches flanked by two brown bears holding up the seat with their paws.

Ian Love, Master Craftsman
Ian Love only began making art from fallen trees about six years ago. But his work is getting serious attention from architects, designers and tastemakers.Courtesy of Ian Love

Master Craftsman: Ian Love and the Music of Trees

Ian Love only began making art from fallen trees about six years ago. But his work is getting serious attention from architects, designers and tastemakers.

Zachary Nguyen, koi ponds, Long Island
Zachary Nguyen is the master at creating koi ponds.Courtesy of Zachary Nguyen

Master Craftsman: Zachary Nguyen’s Koi Create Peaceful Backyard Ponds

Zachary Nguyen, the owner of Torii Koi and Pond, has become the master on Long Island of creating koi ponds.

Backyard Blooms, Kim Endres, Master Craftsman, flowers
Kim Endres of Backyards Blooms in one of her hoop houses.Bob Gigione

Master Craftsman: Kim Endres’ Backyard Blooms

Flower farmer Kim Endres of Backyard Blooms grows specialty cut flowers taking care to make quality and sustainability her priority.

Scott Bluedorn, Master Craftsman, art
Scott Bluedorn at workCourtesy of Scott Bluedorn

Master Craftsman: Scott Bluedorn and the Riddles of the Wilderness

East End artist Scott Bluedorn’s work centers around the idea of civilization meeting and clashing in the wilderness.

Harris Allen, digital art
Harris Allen at work in his studio.Bob Giglione

Master Craftsman: Harris Allen and the View Through the Window

East End digital artist Harris Allen explores the contradictions inherent in capturing the natural world on video.

Crescendo Designs, Southampton
Mike Brody at work, designing an A/V system for Crescendo Designs.Joe Harris

Crescendo Designs’ Mike Brody and the TransformativeHome Theater Experience

Mike Brody, co-founder of Crescendo Designs in Southampton, wants to make the walls of your media room disappear so you can focus completely on the movie-watching experience.

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