Melania Trump’s Nude Photographer Selling Oceanfront Napeague Parcel


Antoine Verglas, the fashion photographer whose nude photo of Melania Trump caused a Twitter fight between President Trump and Ted Cruz, has listed his oceanfront home in Napeague. It along with another parcel are available together for $12.5 million. They’re both repped by Carol Nobbs at Elliman. The larger property is 1.5 acres and the second is 1.3, making a generous 2.8 acres.

All photos via Elliman

But are they worth it? It’s not easy to say. Both houses are probable teardowns from the 1970s. The larger house, at 2000 square feet, has visible water damage from windows and a skylight; while the smaller house looks to be in better shape and does have a pool in the dunes. Possibly the best thing to do, based on condition of the smaller house, is keep it as a guest house and build new where the larger house is. Possibly build a new, larger pool for that house as well.

One of the issues, though, is that the location is the site of the notorious Truck Beach. Whether or not this adds up to $12.5 million is questionable, even for a generous plot of land. What do you think?

For more, click here. 61 & 55 Dune Road, Napeague