Property of the Week: 44 Glover Street, Sag Harbor


One of the things that makes 44 Glover Street so special, says Cynthia Barrett, who along with her BHS colleagues Linley Pennebaker Hagen and Stacy Pennebaker listed the property, “is there’s only a finite amount of houses on Glover Street, which was such a thoroughfare starting in the eighteen hundreds. It was the access to the port.” The house was built in 1830 by the King family, who built so much of Sag Harbor, and in fact the King family lived next door.

While the house, at 1800 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths, might seem a bit small to us today, it wasn’t considered small back then. Barrett comments, “It wasn’t just a rectangular Federal style house; it was built basically in two boxes. The front and the back, which was a little different from many of them.”

Fortunately, many of the great old period features (such as pumpkin pine flooring, with board widths from 12 to 20 inches, as well as four working fireplaces) remain. But each family who have lived there in the past 200 years left their own mark. Anna Pump, the chef, cookbook author, and innkeeper, lived in the house and expanded the kitchen.

Another feature of the property is the studio in back with a legal bathroom. Perfect for working in or creating in, or maybe to use in the future as a poolhouse, since there is possibly room for a small pool if the next owner wants one. The plot size is 0.17 of an acre, so a small pool might be squeezed in. The gardens, too, are lovely.

And most of all, Barrett sums up, the property is available at “a great price,” $2.295 million. The current owners have put in central air, and there’s a very big closet upstairs that might be made into a third bathroom, so there’s plenty of scope to add value, as well.

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