Five Questions for Real Estate Lawyer Adam Miller


When issues arise on a real estate transaction, and they always do, you need a smart real estate lawyer on your team. We asked Bridgehampton-based attorney Adam Miller some questions about how to find one.

What’s the role of a real estate attorney, as opposed to a real estate agent?

In New York, unlike many other states, real estate attorneys take the lead on all due diligence and contract negotiations. New York is a “buyer beware” state so making sure you have a qualified real estate attorney is critical.

Do I really need an attorney?

Yes, absolutely. Often, real estate is one of the largest transactions people will ever make. To do that without a professional would be a poor decision.

How do I choose an attorney?

I would chose an attorney based on reputation. Much of my work out here comes from real estate agents but a significant portion of that work also comes from other clients who refer their friends and family.

What’s the biggest mistake buyers make in the Hamptons?

To hire counsel that is not experienced in local nuances.

What’s the biggest mistake sellers make?

Not being prepared to sell. Sellers should consult with their broker and or get advice from a local attorney about things that come up in the sale process. This will alleviate unexpected delays.