Real Estate Roundtable: How to Clinch a Spring Sale

spring sales, spring cleaning
Having a landscaper come in and clean up the lawn and shrubbery alone delivers a crisp initial impression.

Spring has sprung on Long Island. Since the weather has been cooperating, many are getting a head start on spring cleaning and the pre-summer spruce-up — after all, Memorial Day weekend will be here before you know it. For homeowners thinking about selling their house, some important items should be on the to-do list. We asked real estate professionals from around the Hamptons and the North Fork what items on their punch list they advise clients to prioritize before listing their homes. Surely some spring cleaning chores benefit the bottom line at closing, but are others merely superficial and perhaps not worth the effort?

spring sales, spring cleaning
Jack Richardson

Jack Richardson

I am a firm believer that pre-launch prep for the sale of any home goes a long way! Little things I always encourage my clients to do prior to launch are primarily focusing on curb appeal, decluttering and quick cosmetics. First impressions are everything. Having a landscaper come in and clean up the lawn and shrubbery alone delivers a crisp initial impression. Paired with the potential of a power wash of the property exterior, they become a dynamic duo. On the interior, remove the clutter; an open and freshly staged house is a house ready to sell. Finally, paint, floor and cabinetry touch-ups are a quick and easy way to show how well maintained a property is at the eye test level. These are the three focal points all homes prepping to list should be doing this spring!


Kristy Nadell

Kristy Naddell

Spring is surely a time of rejuvenation and as it typically brings a surge of activity in the sales market, homeowners should definitely consider refreshing a few elements of their home. First and foremost, I always advise my clients to declutter! I cannot express the importance of this. Buyers want to walk into a home and be able to have a clear path of vision to see themselves in their potential new home. If there is too much going on, it often distracts the buyer from seeing the beauty and potential in the home. And hey, a fresh coat of neutral color interior paint can never hurt a sale! I also encourage staging too, especially in vacant homes. Having a professional stager come in and make the home come to life is invaluable if the client is willing to invest in it. The return on investment is absolute! Finally, the spring is also the perfect time to get your yard looking beautiful. The flowers are blooming, the grass is beginning to show green. Now is the time to make those beautiful landscape features pop! The front yard, especially, is often the first impression people get of the home, before they even walk in the door, and you certainly want to put your best foot forward.

Pat Garrity

Pat Garrity

When buyers and tenants think of the spring season, their thoughts are turning to sunshine and brighter days. It is essential that any homeowner looking to rent or sell their home should consider professional window cleaning to let the sunshine and warmth of the season in! Additionally, decluttering is key, allowing potential buyers or tenants to envision themselves within the space. By creating an organized and clean environment, it creates a clearer image of the property’s potential. On the other hand, avoid unnecessary custom renovations that may not align with a buyer’s vision. For instance, transforming a laundry room into an office might not resonate with every potential homeowner. Instead, encourage buyers to imagine how they could personalize the space according to their needs and preferences.


spring sale
Judi Desiderio

Judi Desiderio 

At times, it’s difficult for owners to view their property as buyers do. That’s where a seasoned professional can bring value to the launch of the listing. Most important is to clean and declutter — as people tend to “nest,” they collect and create comfortable spaces. Start from the driveway and view your property with fresh eyes. Does the entryway look welcoming? Is it free of debris? Are the plantings tidy? Is it sparkling clean? When you enter the home, does it smell fresh? Is it neat and clean? Play some soft music, appeal to all the senses. Create an inviting space — a fresh coat of white paint goes a long way.



Susan Orioli

Susan Orioli

When it comes to selling a home, spring cleaning plays a crucial role in attracting potential buyers and maximizing the property’s appeal. Decluttering is a vital step in creating a clean and organized space, as it allows buyers to envision themselves living in the home without distractions. Sellers should remove any personal items, excess furniture and clutter to make the space appear larger. An important focus also includes upgrading key areas that buyers prioritize, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Upgrading countertops, appliances or fixtures can significantly increase the perceived value. Additionally, staging the home with tasteful furniture and accents can help highlight its best features and create an inviting atmosphere.

Curb appeal is another key aspect, and this includes, power washing, landscape cleanup and mulching to enhance the exterior of the property. While there are many important aspects of spring cleaning when preparing a home for sale, there are a few tasks that may not have a significant impact on the selling process. For instance, neglecting to address necessary repairs or maintenance issues can create a negative impression of the property and lead to lower offers or buyer hesitation. Also, while some minor improvements can enhance the appeal of a home, extensive and expensive renovations may not necessarily translate into a higher sales price. It’s better for a seller to focus on simple updates and repairs that can make a difference, rather than major overhauls. Additionally, sellers who prioritize their personal preferences in interior design may not have a positive impact on their profits. Instead of doing it themselves, sellers should always seek the assistance of a professional stager, like NRE Professional Staging & Design. This will ensure that the home is presented in a clean and neutral way, allowing potential buyers to envision their own style in the space. By doing so, sellers can expect to receive a higher price for their property.

spring sales, spring cleaning
Cindy Scholz

Cindy Scholz

Improving the presentation of a house involves several key steps:

• Assessing how the house has aged and understanding that a “lived-in” vibe may not appeal to potential buyers.
• Considering linen upgrades, particularly for Hampton-style homes, such as replacing linens with primarily white and beige options for bedding and white towels throughout the house.
• Maintaining a consistent yet subtle scent throughout the house, using diffusers instead of candles to avoid overwhelming fragrances.
• Investing in smart home light bulbs to customize lighting for showings and different times of day, recognizing that brighter isn’t always better.
• Performing exterior maintenance by power washing the exterior, roof and patios to enhance curb appeal, while also removing all personal items for photos and showings.
• Decluttering counters by removing unnecessary items like wooden knife blocks, spices and coffee machines to create a cleaner, more appealing kitchen space.
• Minimizing personal items throughout the house, including photos and information, to prevent distractions and help potential buyers envision themselves in the space.

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This article appeared in the April 2024 Behind The Hedges in Dan’s Papers. Agents elsewhere on Long Island were also asked for the March 2024 issue of Behind The Hedges Powered by the Long Island Press. Read that Roundtable too.