Poor Humiliated Sagaponack No Longer King of the Zip Codes

sagaponack zip codes
The most expensive listing in Water Mill

Womp womp, 11962. After two years of reigning supreme as the most expensive zip code in America on Property Shark’s annual rankings, Sagaponack has endured a painful slide on the list. And congratulations to perpetual bridesmaid Atherton, California (94015), which is now on top with a median sales price of $4.95 million. We will note that even that is behind Atherton’s $5.9 million median from two years ago. Number two on the list is 10013, which includes New York’s Tribeca, and three is 33109, Miami Beach.

As for the Hamptons, the highest ranking town is Water Mill (11976), at number nine, with a median of $3.1625 million. Wainscott (11975) slides in at number 10 on the list with a median of $3 million.

As for poor old Sagaponack, it comes in at number 15. The median sales was a paltry $2.189 million. Ouch! 77 of the top zip codes are located in California, while 19 are in New York.

Seriously, though, the median prices have dropped all over the list in 2017–and of course, the just plain lack of sales in a tiny hamlet like Sagaponack has a lot to do with the ranking as well. We’re sorry, we seem to have something in our eye….