Where Social House and Lil Yachty Can Find Magic in the Hamptons


Social House, Pittsburgh native musicians, writers and producers, released their debut single “Magic In The Hamptons Ft. Lil Yachty” a few days ago. It’s set to be a summer smash hit. Of course, listening to it, our minds went to real estate. Social House features creatives Michael “Mikey” Foster and Charles “Scootie” Anderson. Miles McCollum is Lil Yachty.

Lyrics include

You know where I go when we’re dancing
Handshakes in The Hamptons and gettin’ drunk in the mansion with you


New shoes, new clothes and a Chanel purse
Vacaying in The Hamptons got a lazy curse

So we’re thinking the guys will need at least three bedrooms in the mansion, a bar, and a dock for Lil Yachty’s yacht. This is what we decided: 38 Cobb Isle Road, Water Mill. This is no ordinary mansion: there are interior waterfalls and an indoor/outdoor heated pool and Jacuzzi spa with push-of-a-button retractable glass walls (and the additional 1200 square foot pool area has a fireplace and waterfall too).

There’s also a wet bar, billiard room and surround sound throughout.

Of course there’s a lil dock for Lil Yachty’s lil yacht.

Asking price is $10.45 million, repped by Bespoke. And please ask us to the housewarming, guys.

For more, click here. 38 Cobb Isle Road, Water Mill