Tiny One-room East Hampton Cottage for Sale, Asking a Mere $565K


Hamptons homebuyers, are you tired of paying high prices for enormous, energy-wasting, soulless McMansions? Want something a bit smaller and cozier and easier to keep up? Well, has Hedges ever got a listing for you! It’s cozy.

All photos via Corcoran

Really cozy. Yep, 261 square feet and one room. Yes, we know exactly what you’re thinking now. “But Hedges, that’s great for me, but what happens when Great-Aunt Bertha comes to stay for the weekend? Where will she stay?” Not to worry!

There’s a shed for guests!

The listing, represented by Gene Vassel at Corcoran, notes that a buyer could “Add to existing cottage…” But why? Of course the real attraction here is 0.74 of an acre of land that backs onto reserve. The property is right off Springy Banks Road, and frankly, seems like a bit of a bargain to us. Of course the cozy cottage would be bulldozed, along with the guest shed, but considering the dearth of empty lots in East Hampton, this seems like a winner to us. Your thoughts?

For more, click here. 14-16 Huntting Road, East Hampton