Bethenny Frankel Flips Bridgehampton Home on the Highway


Back in December, when the news broke that Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel had purchased a second house in Bridgehampton, we couldn’t quite figure out what Bethenny planned for the space. Morning Glory House, for which she paid $2.037 million, had formerly been a B&B. Was this what Bethenny was planning?

Well, we’re still not sure, because the property is back on the market asking $3 million. It’s been beautifully staged, but very little actual work has been done that we can tell–new siding and a couple of bathrooms redone. So why does Bethenny think she’s going to get almost a million more for it?

All images via Compass

The property, now represented by Caroline Sarraf at Compass, still has one giant, ineradicable mark against it: it’s right on Montauk Highway, in the unpleasant part where the traffic stops dead (pretty much any time of year, really). You can walk to town, but there aren’t sidewalks on the south side of the road, and the property is going to suffer from a lot of street noise.

So as a house, we can’t see this place selling for $3 million, no matter how nicely staged. The best thing to do with it in our opinion would be to stage it and sell it as a B&B, in which case proximity to the highway wouldn’t be such a negative. What say you?

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