Compass Real Estate’s Chris Foglia Team: The Waterfront and Beyond

Tammy Blau and Chris Foglia
Chris Foglia & Tammy Blau of Compass
Courtesy of the Foglia Team

When it comes to real estate in the Hamptons — particularly the western end — the Chris Foglia team is at the top of their game.

“We know the area. I live in the area,” says Chris Foglia, who serves as a listing agent, buyer’s agent or seller’s agent.

Based out of Compass Real Estate’s Westhampton Beach office, the Chris Foglia Team specializes in luxury and waterfront real estate.

Though he has also sold homes in Southampton, Bellport and other eastern enclaves, Foglia focuses on Moriches to points east, specializing in Remsenburg, Hampton Bays, Quogue and Westhampton Beach.


A main specialty of the Chris Foglia Team is waterfront real estate.

“I have a very extensive knowledge of waterfront properties, of what you can build, what you can’t build,” Foglia says. “And it’s about 29 years’ worth of experience on that part of it.”

Also well versed in land sales, Foglia has sold everything from half-acre lots to sprawling 4-acre parcels.

“I know construction for the most part, to get people to the right places: to corroborate and confirm, and bid, if need be.”

168 Dune Road, Quogue — sold for $16,400,000RUSSELL PRATT PHOTOGRAPHY


A thorough understanding of municipal building codes and the right connections are vital to Foglia’s success.

“If I need help with that, I know enough people to have the client talk to get corroboration, proof and whatever they need to feel comfortable moving forward,” he says.

There are many more restrictions and rules on waterfront property than on non-waterfront properties.

“It saves time, and I could put them in touch with the proper professionals that can give them the answers they need to feel comfortable in moving forward.”

Whether waterfront or not, there are guidelines to understand about each property, advises Foglia.

“People add decks. They’ll add rooms, structures without permits, and we have to make sure they are C.O.ed.”


Beyond input from the real estate agent who’s selling you the property, you’ll want confirmation from other experts.

“You want an expediter, or you want someone who does environmental studies to advise you vs. just the broker,” says Foglia.

When listing a property, Foglia tries to learn as much about it as possible about it before even meeting with the owners.

“After I meet with them, we go over everything and they’ll explain to me where, why and what. And if we have problems, we try to fix them before it becomes a problem for the new buyer,” Foglia explains.

This could entail going for permitting or to an expediter to speed up the process. Foglia can choose from a handful of expediters he works with, depending on the property and the specific problem.

“If you have a waterfront problem, you want someone who has a vast understanding of waterfront property,” he explains.

805 Dune Road, Westhampton Dunes — currently listed for $3,275,000.MEDIA HAMPTONS


In addition to providing a comprehensive marketing campaign, Compass offers homeowners a Compass Concierge service, where the company pays up front for various home improvement services, from painting to decluttering, staging or flooring. The homeowner has the service done and the expense is later recouped (from the seller) at the closing.


For Tammy Blau, a 23-year real estate professional and a member of Foglia’s team at Compass, cultivating relationships and getting referrals are integral to her success.

“I’m more of the relationship builder, “ says Blau, an associate real estate broker. “I have a lot of communication with our sellers and buyers and build relationships.”

For example, after an intensive 18-month search, Blau recently found her buyer a property in Westhampton Beach.


Staying in touch with clients is mandatory, notes Blau.

“You have to be in constant communication, give constant feedback, updating, and have people feeling like they’re aware of what’s going on,” she says.

Besides communicating with sellers and buyers, staying on top of any new listings is essential.

“It’s a lot of back-and-forth communication and just staying on top of your market,” Blau says.

Many brokers are vying for any property that comes on the market, especially in today’s competitive, low-inventory marketplace.

“So, what’s going to make you different than anybody else?” Blau asks. “You have to be on top of your game and as soon as something comes out, whatever people you have waiting, you have to get them in.”

Adds Blau, “I’m very proactive. I’m very communicative. And it helps tremendously in getting deals done.”

This article appeared in Behind The Hedges, inside the May edition of the Long Island Press. A digital version of the magazine can be read here