Joe Farrell’s Giant Sandcastle Estate Back on the Market


Ever since it was completed nine years ago, the huge home Hamptons powerhouse builder Joe Farrell built for his family has been on the market for sale, or off the market, or for rent or not. And considering the kinds of numbers we’re talking about ($300K for a week’s rent? wow), who can blame the Farrells? The property was, back in the day, asking nearly $60 million. Now, according to the New York Post, it’s about to hit the market again, asking $49.95 million. Bragging rights to owning the home once rented by Jay-Z and Beyonce, and once lent free to Justin Bieber? Priceless.

Unlike most $50-million properties, Sandcastle, on Halsey Lane in Bridgehampton, isn’t waterfront. Back in 2009, Joe said, “I don’t like the ocean because I live here all year. The wind on the beach is bad in the winter.” (He definitely has a point.) But what Sandcastle lacks in water, it makes up for in, well, everything else, basically.

As Joe told Behind the Hedges last year, “When I was in 10th grade, there was this kid I was friends with, and he had this really cool dad who owned 30 Burger Kings. When the parents were away, we used to go to the house, and they had a room off their bedroom that had an in-ground Jacuzzi with a fireplace. It blew my mind. Coming from a normal, middle-class house, I just thought, Oh my god! And I was just realizing that we have that setup here.”

For the current 10th graders, there’s a skateboarding half-pipe in the 9000 square foot basement. If they get bored with that, the kids could play on the golf simulator, or the bowling alley, or go outside and play on the tennis court or the baseball field. Of course there’s also a pool and a pool house that at 4000 square feet, is bigger than most people’s actual houses. This is all set on 11.5 acres.

The house is similarly huge, with 17,000 square feet and 15 bedrooms. Particularly nice is the crisp blue and white kitchen–owner Kristen is known for her kitchen designs in Farrell-built homes.

Owning this property is a huge undertaking–we’ll be very interested to see who buys it in the end.