Noms de Dune: Creative Monikers for Your LLC

Embroidery, Welcome Home Cross Stitch
Retro cross stitch needlework design, Welcome Home with a big red heart, needlework house in landscape graphic, isolated on white background. EPS8 compatible.

You’ve found your dream Hamptons home. But you, a person of particular means or certain celebrity or some such status, want to keep your new purchase on the DL, so you elect to buy through a limited liability corporation (LLC). Most people name their LLC after the address of the property, but a few bright sparks elect to go in a more fun or entertaining direction. On the East End, many high-end properties are owned by inside jokers, by animal lovers, by lovers of the written word. Of course, some celebs just stone cold don’t care and have their properties registered under their own names: We salute you, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Martha Stewart.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite LLCs from the Southampton and East Hampton public tax rolls. Some are just pretty, some are pretty funny, some obviously have a story behind them, some are perhaps a little too Pooh-based, and others are just plain inscrutable. All, however, have earned a Behind the Hedges shout-out for creativity, inspiration and entertainment value.


Posh & Pretty

Beautiful Joy LLC

Meadowcore LLC

Seawater LLC

This Little Farm LLC


Inside Jokes & Personal Passions

Settlement Court LLC

Big Woot LLC

Twice the Price LLC

Butler’s Residence LLC

We’ll Miss Dougie LLC

Casa Escondida LLC

Carpe North LLC

Carpe South LLC

Yabba Dabba LLC

The Rock Near the Bridge LLC

Tres Hermanos LLC

Vandelay Import Export LLC


Not-So-Inside Jokes

Cottage on Cottage LLC (On Cottage Avenue, East Hampton)

Roganator LLC (Somebody named Rogan, perhaps?)

Never Squabble LLC (Three points for guessing the street…)


A.A. Milne Superfans?

Southampton Pooh LLC

Newtown Pooh LLC

Sag Harbor Pooh LLC

Park Place Pooh LLC

Eleven Pooh LLC

Wainscott Pooh LLC

Montauk Pooh LLC

40 Pooh LLC


Literary & Lyrical

John Donne LLC

Middle Earth Partners LLC

Harkennon LLC (This and the next are literally Noms de Dune)

Atreides LLC

Xanadu LLC

Mikado LLC

Fifty Shades of Construction LLC


Animal Magic

Beautiful Horse LLC

Moo Moo LLC

Woof Woof Ventures LLC

Puppy Mongo, LLC

Clam Hole LLC

James Moo Cow, LLC

Galloping Cow, LLC



Redhampton LLC

Whitehampton LLC

Bluehampton LLC (all owned by the same entity)


Your Guess Is as Good as Ours

Internal Spline LLC

Cinnamon LLC

Prop. One LLC

Sherlocks Manor House LLC