Organizational Tips for Bathrooms & Laundry Spaces

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Maximize the space in your laundry and bathroom.

No two homes are exactly alike. While homes typically feature certain common amenities, even in planned communities homeowners do their best to set their homes apart from others in the development.

Certain areas of a home may initially garner less attention than others. This often is the case with small washrooms, sometimes called powder rooms or guest bathrooms, as well as laundry areas. Despite their utilitarian nature, bathrooms and laundry rooms can often benefit from better organization. Here are ways to maximize storage and function in these spaces.


Apart from a vanity and possibly a medicine cabinet, many bathroom layouts tend to be pretty sparse in terms of storage. So it is up to homeowners to introduce more storage and organizational function.

Over-Toilet Shelving: Freestanding units are available from many different retailers, but they may lack aesthetic appeal. Homeowners can install open shelves above the toilet that coordinate with the style of the home. Use them to store extra towels or display decorative items.

Streamlined Containers: Invest in coordinating storage containers (clear are preferable) so that all items can be uniformly put away. First sort through all items to determine which size containers are necessary and how many are required.

Conceal Toilet Paper: Homeowners want to have bath tissue on hand, but simply placing it near the toilet can look cluttered or unsightly. Use decorative baskets to house one or two extra rolls and place on shelving or on the toilet tank itself.

Freestanding Cabinet: Those lucky enough to have linen closets in their bathrooms can keep everything behind closed doors. In small bathrooms this may not be possible. However, a freestanding cabinet, similar to a kitchen pantry cabinet, can be used if space allows. Store linens and other items inside.


Laundry rooms can be very organized or a catchall space for objects that simply do not fit in other rooms in the home. Perfecting laundry room organization can take some effort.

Folding Station: A laundry room is more useful with a folding station. It can be a separate counter over cabinetry, or innovative homeowners build a counter over front-loading washing machines and dryers.

Utilize Wall Space: Use hooks and shelving to get items off the floor or counters. Use them to hold brooms, mops, ironing boards, detergent and more.

Invest in a Pedestal Storage Drawer: Laundry pedestal storage drawers can be used to keep dryer sheets, laundry pods and other supplies out of view.

Use Space-Saving Cabinetry: Pull-out drawers and cabinets can hold hampers, ironing boards, and other items without cluttering up the room.

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