Peconic Land Trust Acquires 150 Acres, Sells Some to North Fork Farmers

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The Google map pin show 8500 Alvahs Lane, in Cutchogue’s Oregon Road farmbelt, which Fred Lee of Sang Lee Farms purchased through a deal with the Peconic Land Trust.
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As part of the Peconic Land Trust’s Farms for the Future Initiative, farmers were able to purchase nearly 40 acres of farmland in Cutchogue.

The Peconic Land Trust and Mattituck Farm Holdings, owned by the Bacon Family Trust, announced the purchase of more than 150 acres on seven separate parcels within the Oregon Road farm belt last week, while simultaneously selling some to two qualified farm operations. The exact amount of the transactions were not immediately available.

All of 151.93 acres were already protected from being developed as the Town of Southold had purchased the development rights.

“This is a remarkable project for which we are very grateful to the Bacon Family Trust and the team at Mattituck Farm Holdings for putting their faith in us to ensure this productive agricultural land will be accessible to farmers and in production for generations to come,” John v.H. Halsey, the land trust president, said in a statement. “We are pleased to have been able to immediately sell some of the land to local farmers and look forward to working with the local farming community through leases and additional sales for farmland in the months and years to come.”

Fred Lee of Sang Lee Farms purchased 26.07 acres at 8500 Alvahs Lane in Cutchogue from the Land Trust at the closing, while Anthony and Lisa Sannino of Sannino Vineyard bought the 12.83-acre parcel at 19285 and 19155 County Road 48 in Cutchogue. Sannino Vineyard is located nearby at 15975 County Road 48 and Sang Lee Farms, a certified organic farm is based at 25180 County Road 48 in Peconic.

The land trust had issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to farmers in March of 2023.

“I am extremely pleased to be involved with the Peconic Land Trust on the acquisition of this 26-acre Mattituck Holdings farm parcel in Cutchogue,” said Lee. Having worked with Dan Heston and John Halsey for many years, I can say that it is a confirmation of their continuing commitment in helping family operated farms, like Sang Lee Farms, remain in food production.”

He continued, “Farmland ownership does not guarantee, but most certainly aids, our resilience in growing food for our community in the challenging industry and landscape of eastern Long Island.”

In the statement, the non-profit organization noted that the farmland along Oregon Road is considered “prime, productive soils” that “most likely first cultivated by indigenous people less than 1,000 years ago followed soon after by the English and other European immigrants.”

“We are extremely appreciative of the opportunity to work with the Peconic Land Trust and especially Dan Heston. As a growing vineyard in Southold Town, it is essential to expand our production on land that we own to secure the ongoing success of the Sannino family,” Sannino said, adding, “The second generation of Sannino’s is becoming actively involved in our operation with hopes of continuing its expansion. We hope to see more of these opportunities for the broader farming community so that we all thrive in our town.”

The more than 150-acres in this deal are part of over 240 acres protected but the Bacon Family Trust/Mattituck Farm Holdings in the area.

Plans vary for the five other parcels acquired total 113.03 acres.

According to the trust, portions of a 39.89-acre parcel at 4710 Oregon Road in Cutchogue will be leased as part of the Trust’s Farms for the Future Leasing program. The leadership hopes to lease the land to farmers in its incubator program.

The rest of the 73.14 acres, located on four different parcels, will eventually be sold to other qualified farmers. An RFP will be issued soon for 4.68 acres at 8820 Alvahs Lane 12.22 acres at 7040 Oregon Road, 30.36 acres at 8640 Oregon Road and 25.88 acres at 8900 Oregon Road.

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