For the Pride of the Hamptons, Buy This Oceanfront Sagaponack Property


Some years it’s just not your year. And it’s true again–damn it all!–for the Hamptons this year. We speak, of course, of Property Shark’s annual rankings of most expensive zip codes. Often, Sagaponack is number 1, but this year, perennial also-ran Atherton, California is number 1, while Sagaponack is number 2. This shall not stand, people! That’s why we need you to buy this oceanfront property. One or two high-end deals will help restore the Hamptons to number one. We’re depending on you! (In case you’re wondering, while in other years other Hamptons towns have made the top ten, this year’s second best Hamptons showing on the list is a truly pathetic number 17, Water Mill. It’s all right, homebuyers. We’re not angry with you. We’re just disappointed.)

But there is hope. This oceanfront new-build is asking $30 million, a sale which will go a long way in tossing water in Atherton, California’s face for 2019. It’s represented by Justin Agnello, Erica Grossman, and James Keogh at Elliman and is being built by Telemark. Doesn’t this look like heaven? Lying facing the ocean right next to your zero edge pool with glass waterfall? Can Atherton, California, offer that view? NO.

The interiors look to be pretty nice too. There will be 6 bedrooms and 5.5 baths in 4800 square feet, set on just over an acre of land. Terraces make the most of the unbelievable views, of course. Want to walk down to the beach? “An elevated boardwalk with integrated bench seating” will take you over the dune. Perfect.

Best of all, you’ll have made us proud. Excuse us, we seem to have something in our eye–

For more, click here. 25 Potato Road, Sagaponack