Propane Depot: A Stalwart East End Family Business

A Propane Depot tank being buried by the team’s expert excavators.
Courtesy Propane Depot

When looking to switch propane providers, Long Island residents will likely notice Propane Depot’s countless glowing five-star reviews and wonder what makes this company so special. What is it that sets them apart from other propane companies?

Propane Depot was founded by local brothers Chris Brody and Michael Brody, who have been operating businesses from the East End for 20 years. Each of their operations is built on family principles such as honesty and transparency, which became an especially invaluable foundation when they entered the propane business.

“When I came into this industry and I researched it, I didn’t like the ethics in the industry and how most of these companies operate,” President Chris Brody says. “They start your account with a low markup just to get you in the door, because you thought it was a good price and you shopped around, but six months to a year later, if you shop your price again, you’re going to re- alize they double or tripled the markup on your gas and your price is astronomical. We don’t subscribe to that. Our pricing, you can consider everyday low pricing. The price we’re giving now will fluctuate with market cost, but we don’t change the markups on our gas to clients.”

As a small family business serving all of Suffolk County and most of Nassau, Propane Depot doesn’t have the huge ex- penses of corporate, publicly-traded, multi-state companies, thus allowing them to keep their prices incredibly competitive. Their high-tech software helps to increase efficiency and lower prices, as well. They also provide a plethora of payment options — including autopay, payment plans and tank leasing — and allow for payments, as well as 24/7 service scheduling, to be done through their website and Propane Depot app. And, of course, there are no surprises when it comes time to pay for a fill-up.

Propane Depot trucks, on-call and ready to help clients.Courtesy Propane Depot

“You can go on our app and see the current price (of gas) today,” Brody says, adding that you can also check your account history to compare past order prices. “We’re transparent; the price is right on the portal on your account. You can see what you’re paying per gallon.”

This is all part of Brody and his brother’s mission to be on the cutting edge of technology with things that “most companies don’t offer.” The best example of this is the Smart Tank Monitor, a free tank add-on that makes sure clients who check the app always know when they need a tank refill and are never left out in the cold.

“If you’re not at your home out here, you have the comfort of knowing we’re watching the tank,” he says. “We actually see the levels and we get alerts if there’s a quick draw on the tank, which could mean a leak, or abnormal usage. It’s a safety factor, espe- cially for a second home.”

As a full-service propane company, Propane Depot takes care of installation and excavation, routine and emergency service of tanks and gas piping in-house. Tanks are available for homes and businesses in sizes containing 57 to 2,000 gallons and can be placed above or below ground, depending on the property. Service is provided by licensed plumbers and experts who put their client above all else, an experience many clients describe as “refreshing.”

Above all, what sets Propane Depot apart from its competitors is that it’s a truly local family business — a point of pride that Brody notes has become increasingly rare on the East End. “Two companies out here were bought out — two local companies that a lot of people use,” he shares, adding that the companies didn’t inform their clients of this shocking development. “You’ll start to notice as things change. Some people expressed a lack of service, and they also don’t realize their pricing went up substantially. We’ve been getting calls about that.”

When potential clients call for a quote, Brody is proud to say they’ll be greeted by a member of the East End community who cares about the service they can provide, and that’s what keep clients not only coming back but referring friends through Propane Depot’s referral program.

“We’re local people,” Brody says. “And we’re here to keep our clients happy.”

To learn more about Propane Depot, call 631-400-SAVE (7283) or visit