Real Estate Roundtable: Giving Thanks

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One-of-a-kind opportunities, fab co-workers, natural beauty, small-town atmosphere… Here’s what real estate experts are most thankful for this season, living and working in the Hamptons market.


Douglas Sabo, Nest Seekers International

I am thankful that I get to work in a location where I am surrounded by family. Whether it is my immediate family who lives here year-round or my extended family who are out on weekends and during the summer, I am incredibly lucky that I get to work with them nearby. I am also so thankful for the environment–where else can you get the beaches, sunsets and scenery that the Hamptons has to offer? We are also close enough to the city that anytime you need to run in for anything, it’s a breeze.


Aimee Martin, Saunders & Associates

Every day I thank my lucky stars that I live and work in real estate in the Hamptons. I can take beach walks year-round, shop in villages that look like the It’s a Wonderful Life movie set and sell some of the most beautiful homes in the world! I am thankful indeed. I’m also thankful to be included in Behind the Hedges!


Bill Williams, Compass

I am most grateful for the opportunities this market has to offer. As long as you work harder than everyone else and set yourself apart from the crowd, there are deals to be made in each market segment. Good agents know how to make money even in a sluggish market and can have fun doing it.


Mary Slattery, The Corcoran Group

I am grateful for the small-town feel of living and working in the Hamptons. I feel very supported in our community. The beauty ofthe area is an endless source of joy for me. I am very lucky to call the Hamptons home.


Judi Desiderio, Town & Country

In the wonderful world of Hamptons real estate, this Thanksgiving I am thankful for the managerial staff and the associates at Town & Country, who continue to make every day a new adventure.


John Christopher, Sotheby’s International

Every day I give thanks for living and working here in the Hamptons. I’m so blessed to work and enjoy a profession that brings me so much satisfaction and gratification.

I’m a natural helper, and real estate affords me the opportunity to do just that–to help people find a home. When I drive the highways and byways of the Hamptons, there are few places in the world that compared with the beauty, color, magnitude and serenity that exists here. Top-rated ocean beaches, pristine bays, fertile farmland, nature trails, live theater, gourmet restaurants, family community…what more could you be thankful for?


Kim West, The Corcoran Group

I am thankful for being fortunate enough to be a part of the unique and ever-changing real estate market here on the East End of Long Island. Not only am I doing what I am most passionate about, but every day I am able to nurture old and build new relationships and make connections. Ultimately, if I am truly good at what it is that I do, I get to work together with my clients to find the perfect fit for their lifestyle, wants and needs. I think it’s especially rewarding when you are able to work within your own community, feel confident in yourself, knowledgeable about your profession, and eventually become a trusted go-to resource for your clients and colleagues alike.


Patrick Mclaughlin, Douglas Elliman

I am thankful that I work in a continually changing business. It’s never the same and it doesn’t get boring. So many jobs, in so many other industries, you can slip into a boring routine before you know it. This isn’t one of them.


Martha Gundersen, Brown Harris Stevens

I am grateful living near the beautiful ocean and bays and thankful for the sky and the light.


Gary DePersia, The Corcoran Group

I am so thankful that I stumbled into a second career in one of the most beautiful and vibrant real estate areas in America! It allows me to interface on a daily basis with the best properties, the most amazing colleagues and the most interesting clients and customers.