Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs: Transcending the Outdoor Experience

Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs
Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs & Spas’ leadership, from left, Will Kirchoff, head of operations, Doug Sullivan, head of sales and marketing, and Patty Lynch, who is in charge of finance and the human resources departments.

The recent mid-April heatwave was a stark reminder: Summer in the Hamptons is around the corner and that means it’s time to get the pool and spa ready.

Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs & Spas in East Hampton are one of the few companies that handle both pools and spas. The company’s leadership ensures the employees exceed client expectations by being not only well-trained but highly educated to perform top-notch service all around.

What began as Sparkling Pools in 1981 has developed into dual-brand operations with Harbor Hot Tubs. The company offers everything from pool construction to pool maintenance, hot tub retail sales and service and repairs for all spas.

“In the Hamptons, it seems that people are looking for hot tubs and pools with added features to enhance their outdoor living experience,” says Ian Fyffe, the owner and founder. “This could include things like a self-cleaning feature on Hydropool Hot Tub, or innovative approaches to natural waterscapes.”

Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs
Eric Striffler

After all, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, people spent more time at home, and backyards got more use and attention than perhaps ever before.

“With the pandemic still fresh in everyone’s minds, many homeowners are also interested in creating private oasis-like spaces where they can escape from the world and relax in comfort,” Fyffe adds.

Last May, Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs consolidated from three locations into one at 5 Toilsome Lane in East Hampton, a rather impressive showroom that will make anyone envision themselves relaxing by rippling water.

“Customers who visit our new showroom on Toilsome are in for a real treat,” says Hope Lanier-Fyffe, a Montauk native who is considered the company’s visionary.

“The showroom is a true oasis for anyone dreaming of the perfect backyard retreat. You’ll find everything from luxurious hot tubs to infrared saunas to our tile room, a pitstop to happiness. And we have all the accessories you need to create your own personal paradise. It’s like stepping into a whole new world filled with relaxation and fun.”

Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs
Doug Sullivan, head of sales and marketing, in the East Hampton showroomMAGO

The company has a thoughtfully curated selection of the finest hot tubs, saunas and spas, including Hydropool, Nordic, Bradford and SwimLife.

Whether customers are interested in a traditional pool or something more modern like a perimeter overflow pool, the company has experience in all areas of pool construction. It offers personalized 3D videos that can help customers realize their vision.

What sets the company apart from others in the Hamptons is simply “our commitment to happiness,” says Doug Sullivan, the head of the sales and marketing department. They even have a term for it: pHq for personal happiness quotient, perhaps just as important as checking pool chemicals and pH balances.

“In our line of work, we create a personal paradise for each of our customers, which they and their families enjoy for years to come,” Sullivan says.

It’s not just about creating something beautiful, it’s about what goes on behind the scenes. The company is known for its service excellence. What are the cornerstones of good customer service when servicing hot tubs and pools?

“Firstly, communication is vital,” says Will Kirchoff, head of operations. “Ensuring that customers are kept informed every step of the way can help to build trust and loyalty.”

Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs
Eric Striffler

Secondly, he says, expertise is essential. “Having knowledgeable technicians who can diagnose problems quickly and offer effective solutions will ensure that customers feel confident in the company’s abilities. And finally, attention to detail is critical —taking the time to thoroughly clean and inspect the equipment, as well as addressing any small issues before they become bigger problems.”

The company truly cares about providing top-notch service, he explains. “These cornerstones of good customer service are what make Harbor Hot Tubs/Sparkling Pools stand out from the crowd and earn our reputation for excellence.”

The well-trained staff also receives continuous education to keep up with innovations and new products.

“Being in business for over 40 years, continuous education has been the center block of our company,” says Patty Lynch, who is in charge of finance and the human resources departments.

“Driving education translates directly to service excellence,” Lynch says. “When technicians are well-trained in diagnosing problems quickly and offering effective solutions quickly, it instills confidence in their abilities. Taking the time to thoroughly clean and inspect equipment shows they care about providing quality service. All of this attention to detail transcends into a better customer experience, which is so important for building trust and loyalty. We are proud of how much emphasis we place on training our staff.”

Sparkling Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs
Eric Striffler

Earlier this month, Hayward, a leading company in cutting-edge pool and spa equipment, sent a team to the company’s headquarters for a full-day product and system training. Then, Harbor Hot Tubs sent a group of technicians to Hartford, Connecticut, for specialized spa repair training.

Last month, the company sent a group to Newark, New Jersey, “to learn the ins and outs” of Hydropool Hot Tubs and in February, eight employees attended a conference in Atlantic City, where they attended different industry-based classes ranging from certified technicians to 3D pool modeling.

“All we are trying to do is help provide our team with the tools in which they excel and grow in roles with us. This is important to us as it’s the only way to continuously drive happiness through innovation, experience, and service excellence,” she says, pointing out that the owner started out cleaning pools.

“Now he leads a company that transcends the outdoor experience. The results are evident,” Lynch says.

As the Fyffes say, “If you’re ready to turn your backyard into the ultimate destination spot, come visit us on Toilsome today!”


This article appeared in the April/May edition of Behind The Hedges Palm Beach. Read the full digital magazine here.