Surf Lodge Owner Jayma Cardoso’s Ditch Plains House in Contract


Well, that was reasonably fast. Surf Lodge owner Jayma Cardoso put her Ditch Plains surf shack on the market just before Christmas, and now OutEast has it listed as “offer & acceptance.” Well done to agent Dylan Eckhardt at Nest Seekers.

Even 11 years after opening, The Surf Lodge is still the “it” nightlife spot in Montauk, if not in the entire Hamptons. And owner Jayma Cardoso has been instrumental to its success. She’s famous for biking to her office there in the summer from her place in Ditch.

The property is fairly typical for the Ditch Plains neighborhood: a small plot (0.17 of an acre) and a simple 60s house. But Cardoso has renovated and brightened the place: there are new, huge windows to let the summer sun in, AC to keep the summer heat out, a finished basement, and a new, chic kitchen. In all, there are five bedrooms and two baths in 1700 square feet. (The master bedroom features a very hip freestanding bath.) Outside, there’s extensive decking and an outdoor shower, perfect after walking home from Ditch Plains beach just a few blocks away.

The asking price in December was $1.7 million, which stuck us as realistic. It’s on the high side for the area, but the place has been so extensively renovated we think it’s worth it. The last ask on OutEast is $1.625 million, which again, we think is very fair.

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