What’s in, What’s Out: 2020 East End Home Décor Trends

Courtesy Styled and Sold, Inc.

Remember when brightly colored shag carpets, wallpaper borders and beanbag chairs were in vogue? With each passing year, home décor trends come and go, so keeping up with what’s in and what’s out can be difficult. Thankfully, our expert East End interior designers and home stagers are happy to share their 2020 predictions, helping us keep our Hamptons and North Fork homes looking trendy all year.

What’s IN for East End homes in 2020?

We think there will be more color and floral or botanical themes introduced in fabrics and a continuation of sustainable fabrics and furniture as well as crypton-type performance fabrics, for easy cleaning and wearability. We see some painted cabinets for kitchens and gold and brass finishes for handles and plumbing fixtures. We’ll continue to see deep soaking tubs in bathrooms and more integrated lighting–motion detector lighting under the vanity, for instance. We think stone will turn to warmer hues, using travertine and quartzite. For furniture, we see mid-century modern trending as it incorporates clean and simple lines reflecting our clients’ need for simple life on the East End…However, we do see a mix of modern, eclectic and traditional pieces working together for a cohesive design.Diane Bianchini, Dream Windows & Interiors

An eclectic mix of styles! Clean lines will still be important, but antiques or pieces with the appearance of age or patina will be mixed with the modern, creating a more welcoming environment…One of the new big trends I’m seeing is the use of jewel tones. Deeper blues and teals could start appearing on the East End, as the influence of the ’70s is appearing in showrooms.Shannon Willey, Sea Green Designs

We’ll see more natural materials and earth tones used in design finishes and furnishings. Everything from lighting to furniture accents, which will include wood grains and light metals throughout the home. With a desire to connect with nature, what has been typically utilized in outdoor décor has moved inside the home.Susan Orioli, NoFo Real Estate

The use of natural, modern and organic elements such as wicker, rattan, bamboo, metal, jute, sisal, natural stone and even driftwood table bases reminiscent of the ’70s. Lots of texture! It’s a softer, more curvilinear look than the modern trend we’ve seen in recent years…We’ve been in a flux time as far as metal finishes go. For example, cabinet and bathroom hardware and light fixtures have seen a trend from polished chrome to satin or brushed gold over the last few years. I still see black and bronze being popular as well. However, I predict this year we will see the use of mixed metal finishes.Allegra Dioguardi, Styled and Sold Inc.

What’s OUT for East End homes in 2020?

We think gray will finally be trending out, and farmhouse design has had its day.Diane Bianchini, Dream Windows & Interiors

Gray floors are being replaced by white or natural stains and warm brown tones–same with furniture finishes and fabrics.Shannon Willey, Sea Green Designs

A design trend that will be out on the East End is the traditional dining table in the kitchen or even the elimination of the formal dining room. Many homebuyers on the East End are seeking more relaxed, comfortable seating and a more casual eating space to feel relaxed, and, thus, they may opt to convert the formal dining room for another use. White subway tile has been overused recently in new builds and renovations, and it will become less popular in 2020.Susan Orioli, NoFo Real Estate

I see a trend moving away from true grays and toward warmer neutrals such as beige, tans and warmer grays in 2020.Allegra Dioguardi, Styled and Sold Inc.