Clearly the Best: Clearview Window Washing & House Washing Service

Clearview Window Washing & House Washing Service
A shingle home before and after a Clearview soft wash

When a house’s exterior is in desperate need of a cleaning, most homeowners tend to assume that power washing is the only option, but this is simply not true. In fact, that much pressure can actually be quite damaging. Seeking a solution to this problem, Clearview Window Washing & House Washing Service developed their signature soft wash system, which has proven to be a much safer method, especially on homes that feature shingles or other wood elements.

Compared to standard power washing, which uses 1,500–4,500 PSI of pressure to clean a home, Clearview uses only 100 PSI and a soap solution containing a mildaside and algicide sealer to achieve a deep clean without destroying wood fibers, ruining stained/painted surfaces and drastically decreasing the longevity of shingles by creating grooves that allow mold and algae to thrive, turning shingles black with wood rot.

“After years of observing the damaging effect power washing has on wood, and the life expectancy of the wood after repeating this process time and time again, a low-pressure system was developed. This has proven to be a much better process,” says Clearview President Tim Dahlen Jr., noting on the company website that Clearview can “save you the headache of costly repairs created by powerful pressure washing techniques that damage your siding.”

Clearview has been personally serving both forks of the East End community for 33 years, working directly with customers rather than subbing out work to contractors. “There is pride in our work and we genuinely care about each and every job,” Dahlen says.

The company’s non-abrasive, ecofriendly house washing services include cedar, vinyl siding, treks, teak, mahogany, pine, CCA, aluminum siding, painted/stained surfaces, homes, decks, lawn furniture, fences (PVC/wood), playgrounds, awnings, bulkheads and docks. “Customers are often surprised how beautiful their teak furniture turns out,” Dahlen notes of Clearview’s teak-cleaning service, which is something not all home washing companies offer.

As Clearview’s full name implies, Dahlen and his team are also in the window cleaning business. These services include residential and commercial cleaning, degreasing, sealing, pollen removal and weekly interior cleaning.

Homeowners and commercial businessowners can call 631-288-5111 for a free estimate and demo spot. Visit for more information.

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