Celebrate the Glory of Digital Staging in Bridgehampton

digital staging

Sometimes we really feel for real estate agents. It’s gotta be tough to hammer sense into some sellers, as must be the case with the owners of this property. It first hit the market back in May 2014 asking $7.3 million, which was a good $2 million too high to begin with. And then there was the other issue: all that blue. And we love blue! Just not that much. Now the property is relisted with new agents and a new agency, Diane Saatchi and Elaine Stimmel at Saunders, and a much more realistic price, $5.4 million.

All photos via Saunders

The blue, however, stayed, not to mention the overly traditional furniture. What’s an agent to do if a seller refuses to paint it all white? Paint it all white digitally, of course, and add some more fashionable furniture.

Other than that, there really is a lot to like about the place: the white picket fence and brick paths outside, the beamed ceilings, what looks like antique barnwood paneling in a library (digitally whitened!), a pretty kitchen and bathrooms. The Chinese Chippendale-style staircase is an interesting choice, too. In all, there are five bedrooms, four baths in 3500 square feet. (We’d get rid of the tall window in the master bedroom entirely, or at least take the curtains down.)

Also apparently digitally staging the pool area

Outside, there is 0.93 acre with decking and a pool. Location is good—right on Jobs Lane in Bridgehampton close to the ocean. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

For more, click here. 354 Jobs Lane, Bridgehampton