Three Haunted Hamptons Houses You Can Buy


Do you get a bit lonely sometimes? Wish you had more friends, possibly friends who you don’t even have to leave the house to see? Then maybe a haunted house is for you! Here are three currently on the market with (reportedly) permanent sitting tenants.

Sanderling is a stunning house on Beach Lane in Quogue. There are beautiful water views everywhere, 7 bedrooms and 7.5 baths in 4500 square feet. It’s asking $4.75 million, which includes a famous literary ghost. When a Mr. and Mrs. Toppings built their new home in the 1950s, they shipped over an old staircase to use from England. It came from a Yorkshire mansion where Anne Bronte had once worked. In 1962, Mrs. Topping heard footsteps on the stairs and saw a figure of a young woman in old-fashioned dress climbing the stairs. She felt sure it was Anne. Later she heard more ghostly rappings and footsteps, though she did not see Anne again.

You’d have to be quick to snare the next property, beautiful Grey Gardens in East Hampton as it’s now in contract. Owner Sally Quinn says, “There are two ghosts.” She’s woken up in her bedroom and seen an apparition of c. 1900 resident Anna Gilman Hill. The other ghost is in Little Edie’s former bedroom. “We’ve had guests who have said, ‘I’m not sleeping in there.’ Some people think it’s a man, clomping around in boots. I’m pretty sure it’s the sea captain [a rumored lover of Little Edie’s].”

Perhaps inevitably, the beautiful Ammon residence on Middle Lane in East Hampton is reportedly haunted. It was the site of the most notorious murder in recent times in the area: owner Ted Ammon was found dead in the upstairs bedroom. His wife and the man she was having an affair with were accused; wife Generosa died of cancer shortly after and her boyfriend was convicted of the murder. Their ten year old twins inherited. If you’re not daunted by rumors, the lovely 7000 square foot house and 2.2 acres of land in the estate section can be yours for $11 million.

Happy Halloween from Behind the Hedges!