Hedges Index: Montauk Over the Years

Montauk Point Lighthouse
Montauk Point Lighthouse, Photo: David Taylor

The 38th Annual Montauk Fell Festival is this weekend, October 12-13. To celebrate, let’s have a look at how things have changed over the years at The End, by the numbers.

Price, 100′ x 25′ lots, Hither Hills, offered by New York Mirror, 1940 $100

Sales price, similar size lot, Hither Hills, 2017 $1.395 million


Year the Memory Motel was built by Frank “Cap” Roys and Marilyn “Snooks” Roys 1951

Cost of martini, Memory Motel Seaglamor Cocktail Lounge, 1955 $1


Cost of early bird dinner, Ruschmeyer’s, 1969 $3.95

Cost of least expensive menu item–French fries–Ruschmeyer’s, 2019 $8


Fare, Montauk to La Guardia Airport, Montauk-Caribbean Airways, 1966 $22.50

Value of $22.50 in 1966 dollars in 2019 $174

Fare, Montauk to Teterboro Airport, Montauk Sky, 2019 $365


Cost of Montauk house tour, including LIRR ticket from Penn Station and dinner at Gurney’s Inn, 1967 $20