Hedges Index: Turning 30

Sylvester Manor, Photo: Barbara Lassen
Sylvester Manor, Photo: Barbara Lassen

While there will always be debate as to which are the most exciting years of a person’s life, research has shown that  the 30s are more commonly considered to be the best decade. In numerology, the essence of the number 30 is that of strong creative energy and self-expression, and those born on the 30th of the month are likely to be exhibit those traits. People born on the 31st, on the other hand, are assumed to be more practical and disciplined. Whatever value you place on the the 30s, you’ll find engaging iterations all over the Hamptons and North Fork.

Length of the North Fork 30 miles

Year the Town of Shelter Island was established 1730

Listing price of a three-bedroom Amagansett home in 1973 $30,000

Listing price of a three-bedroom East Quogue home in 1973 $35,000

Year the Sylvester Manor House was completed 1737

Number of Southampton Town housing units in 2000 35,836

Percent of Suffolk County land area defined as the East End 38.12%

The East End’s average population density 139.29

Population of Riverhead Town in the most recent census 33,506

Year a royal patent gave Lion Gardiner the right to possess Gardiners Island forever 1639

Photo: Oliver Peterson

Width of Camp Hero’s Air Force AN/FPS-35 radar 135 feet

Square mileage of Southampton Town 139.2

Photo: Nicholas Chowske

Wine tasting rooms on the North Fork 39