Room for Your Mega-Mansion on 10 Acres on Sagg Pond


Looking for a big plot of land to spread out in? You’re in luck, as a ten-acre spread in Bridgehampton south has just come onto the market. Two separate properties comprise the listing: 363 Sagaponack Road, right on Sagg Pond, and 351 Sagaponack Road, which overlooks the euphoniously named Sagg Swamp Nature Preserve. Together, they’re asking $35 million; they’re also available separately for $15 and $20 million. The property is listed by Michael Schultz and Susan Ryan at Corcoran.

Each property has a house on it currently; the pondfront property is describe thus: “Built in 1850, the 363 Sagaponack home holds the true essence of a Hamptons estate. Situated on 4.9 acres of cleared expansive lawn, the 6,000 sq ft home features nine bedrooms, six baths and a plethora of living areas to entertain your guests.” Sounds like it might be nice enough, but maybe not $20 million nice enough. The other property, with 5.27 acres, has a teardown house on it. With that amount of land, two 10,000 square foot houses could be constructed, one for you, one for your guests, along with tennis, pool, pool house etc. (There are already two pools on the property and a tennis court, as well as a dock.)

Our best guess is some developer will come along and build a couple spec houses, if they can make the numbers work, which we’re not at all sure they can right now. Stay tuned.

For more, click here363 Sagaponack Road and 351 Sagaponack Road, Bridgehampton