Montauk East Deck Parcels Listed with David Adjaye Renderings


Calling all rich surfers! You can own an amazing oceanfront property at Montauk’s Ditch Plains with a house by London-based starchitect David Adjaye. Deep pockets will be needed, as the two parcels available are asking either $14 million or $15 million. (Or, if you’d rather buy the land outright, you can pay $10.5 million or $9.5 million.)

Listed by Saunders’ Scott Bradley and Ed Breuhl, the properties are one-acre apiece. The proposed 5-bedroom, 5-bath houses would be about 6,000 square feet. Why the difference in price? Lot 1 is on the Ditch Plains public parking lot, while for a million bucks more you could be in Lot 2, which doesn’t border the parking lot. Lots 3 and 4 are already sold.

Of course, the land comes from the former East Deck motel, which has been razed. (We’re still annoyed that East Hampton Town was unable to buy the land using CPF money, but whatever, water under the bridge.) These proposed homes won’t be too obtrusive.

As for pricing, who knows? Frankly, we’d rather pay $7.25 million for 1.8 acres of land on Old Montauk Highway: better beach, more land, more elevated. A top architect will cost about $900 per square foot for construction, so add a good $5 million for a 5,000-square-foot house, and it’s still several million less than the Ditch properties. But we’re not surfers and don’t care about paying for the Ditch name.

We’ll be interested to see what happens with these listings.