Gorgeous Views, 26 Acres, Your Own Beach, and Oh, Nice House


If you’re a deep-pocketed person wanting to buy on the hot, hot North Fork, this one’s a no-brainer. Thing is, of course, the set of people who really want to be on the NoFo and happen to have $10 million to spend is quite small, so this Orient Point property, which didn’t drop its initial $10 million ask, took more than a year to sell. But it’s all good, as the property, repped by Sheri Winter Clarry at Corcoran, is now in contract.

There’s nearly 27 acres of land here, although to be fair it is a long, narrow shape. There’s also 500 feet of private Sound frontage. Rounding out the offering is a classic shingle style house built in 2003. The house looks fresh and charming and not dated at all. There’s 5,700 square feet of space, with six bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. Not enough, you scoff? There’s also a two-bedroom guest cottage and a pool, pool house, tennis court, and garage.

Heck, with all that land you can start planting a vineyard, if you wanted. May we suggest Chateau d’Hedges? Non? Fine.

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