Next Season of ‘Selling The Hamptons’ Premieres March 1

Selling the Hamptons, reality TV show
“Selling the Hamptons” premieres March 1 on MAX.
Courtesy of MAX

Realty meets reality TV on season two of Selling the Hamptons. 

The excitement and behind-the-scenes intrigue of Selling the Hamptons picks up again March 1 on MAX, the first of eight episodes where seven Nest Seekers International agents at the top of their game square off over deals in the Hamptons. The fur flies amid lavish open houses, where big houses are matched with agents with big egos.

Who will seal the deal on spectacular properties, including Eagle Point in Water Mill, a seven-acre compound overlooking the Atlantic Golf Course from the highest elevation in the Hamptons, with the asking price of $50 million? Plus, there’s a brand new 9,700-square-foot estate in Sagaponack, featuring among other amenities, a movie theater and sunken tennis court, asking $10.495 million.

Selling the Hamptons
The cast of the upcoming season of “Selling the Hamptons.”Courtesy of MAX

Filmed in the summer of 2022, season two on Max (a previous season streamed elsewhere) sees the return of Mia Calabrese, aka “Big D Energy,” who turned to real estate after a successful career in the world of high-end hospitality; Michael Fulfree, the “full service” agent who previously modeled for Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and other top designers and newbie Ashley Allen, a former pop star whose dad’s outsized influence is ever present in the Hamptons.     

Here’s a look at the rest of the cast:

Peggy Zabakolas

One of the original cast members, Peggy Zabakolas (#dealsinheels), has worked in real estate for over a decade and runs the Peggy Z team at Nest Seekers. 

“Real estate is an exciting aspect of life,” says Zabakolas, “We have a bunch of top agents at Nest Seekers that are essentially working to be the best that we can, competing with each but also working together.”

Starting as a broker in NYC, Zabakolas began working in the Hamptons several years ago, before many other agents ventured east.

“I was one of the first to break into the Hamptons. Nest Seekers really pioneered the way of allowing agents to work in multiple markets,” says Zabakolas, noting that many of her NYC clients now double as Hamptons clients.

A member of the NYS Bar, Peggy brings her estimable expertise in transactional law, property, contracts and zoning regulations to her real estate deals.

“Law school trains people to operate in a certain kind of way where we always try to figure out any problems before they even arise,” says Zabakolas, adding that they also learn to use their problem-solving skills as situations arise.

Selling The Hamptons offers a unique form of escapism – for both viewers and agents alike.

“I get to see homes that I normally wouldn’t be able to,” says Zabakolas, noting that she became part of  the show, “to help my clients and expand my network and my reach. Because ultimately if my clients aren’t happy, I’m not doing a good job.” 

An estate set on the highest peak in Water Mill will be featured on the reality TV show as agents try to sell the property.Roman James Design Build

J.B. Andreassi

A lifelong resident of Southampton and son of a local developer, J.B. Andreassi is a co-principal of Andreassi Development, a residential luxury development company.

This season captures the hecticness of what was happening in the Hamptons real estate market at the tail end of the Covid surge, notes Andreassi.

“The good product in the better locations in the Hamptons were just disappearing at such a rapid rate, it created this urgency on buyers’ and investors’ sides,” Andreassi says.

The backbiting you see on the show is somewhat of a reflection of the actual world of real estate.

“It’s a highly competitive, sometimes catty sort of industry,” Andreassi says. “That’s only exaggerated and exasperated in a place like the Hamptons where there’s so many people trying to do the same thing and most of the time not enough opportunities.” 

For his part, Andreassi tries to stay above the fray.

“If you can’t keep a steady, cooler hand and head, you’re just not doing right by your clients and in this business, the client is number one,” he says.

Andreassi leverages his relationships with local attorneys, building and home inspectors, and fellow real estate brokers within the community to his advantage. 

“Being able to facilitate the deal as quickly and efficiently as possible is where I stand out,” says Andreassi.

This season focused on some truly exquisite homes and properties in the Hamptons.

“We were able to give the viewers a little inside glimpse into the beauty of the Hamptons, the real estate industry here and what it takes to be a successful agent, which is not easy in any way – especially out here,” Andreassi says.

Dylan Eckardt

Named “The Rock Star of Real Estate” by Vanity Fair, Dylan Eckardt has sold some iconic real estate in the area, including artist Raphael Mazzucco’s artistic Montauk home and recently worked with “M.C.” (Mariah Carey to the rest of us) to find a home in the Hamptons. In the last two years, Eckardt says he’s worked on over $350 million in sales – just on the East Coast. 

Relishing his image as one of the chief protagonists of this season of Selling the Hamptons, Eckardt says, “Before me, I believe real estate agents were housewives with Capri cigarettes and white wine spritzers and then I came into this game and treated it like a hustle.” 

As for his status as the “prince” of season 2, Eckardt says, “I don’t mind being the head guy, because I am the head guy.” Sometimes you gotta come home and show people how to really sell real estate in the Hamptons.” 

Eckardt, who says he can’t imagine a season 3 without him, definitely considers himself a rock star: it’s simply the way he lives his life.

“You don’t need to play an instrument to be a rock star,” he says.

Selling the Hamptons
The house at 363 Wainscott Harbor Road in Sagaponack is asking $10.495 million.

Bianca D’Alessio

Ranked by RealTrends No. 1 real estate broker in both New York City and state and #14 in the nation for 2023, Bianca D’Alessio is managing director of development marketing for Nest Seekers and founder of the agency’s Masters Division, which, in addition to its resale business, specializes in working with developers during all stages of development.

During this season’s filming, the market was super intense, notes D’Alessio. 

“With that limited inventory supply, of course, competition was much fiercer,” she says.

No matter the market or the circumstance, D’Alessio says she prides herself in a steadfast work ethic and “continuing to push through and always thinking creatively for how to become a problem solver, not a problem maker.”

The addition of Eckardt to the cast this season made a huge difference, D’Alessio says.

“Adding a disruptor gives everyone an opportunity to either level up or to kind of crawl into their shell and back away,” D’Alessio says. 

Personally, D’Alessio sees Eckardt as an opportunity to become an even better broker.

“It’s interesting to see how that dynamic plays with each of the cast members,” she says.

Ashley Allen — the other new cast member —  also turns up the drama on the show.

“Things definitely get spicier and are more heated, because they have a lot of energy in the room,” D’Alessio says. “For me, I try to focus on the business and not as much on the level of personal drama.” 

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