The Ten Priciest Properties West of the Canal


You still get much more for your money west of the Shinnecock Canal–however, it sure seems that prices are always rising. Some of these new-builds are very stylish and should appeal to anyone. But, being in Quogue and Westhampton Beach, a buyer will pay about half what they’d pay for oceanfront in Sagaponack and Bridgehampton. We were surprised to find that 9 of the top 10 listings were in Quogue or East Quogue, with Westhampton Beach squeaking in at number 10.

  1. $24.95 million

212 Dune Road, Quogue

A 9-bedroom, 10,000 square foot new build on almost four acres. The site’s elevated location means that views include the ocean, Penniman Creek as well as Shinnecock Bay. There are three lots and 275 feet of ocean frontage included.

2. $20.95 million

83 Dune Road, East Quogue


On 2.4 acres of oceanfront, there’s a 7 bedroom, 7000 square foot main house, a 3 bedroom guest house with caretaker’s apartment, a pool house with a gym, kitchen, living room and dining room. Also, of course, a pool and tennis and “room for a putting green.”

3. $19.9 million

168 Dune Road, Quogue

An oddly shaped 3.25 acre parcel, almost like a flag lot, that includes a narrow strip of oceanfront as well as bay access with 3 deeded boat slips. There’s a tennis court, duneside pool with pool pavilion, and a 9-bedroom, 14,000 square foot gambrel house. Previously had been asking $24 million.

4. $17.95 million

156 Dune Road, Quogue

2.9 acres of oceanfront, with 200 feet of ocean frontage, along with a 10,000-square-foot house. There’s also a tennis court and dunefront pool.

5. $17.8 million

216 Dune Road, Quogue

1.72 acres of oceanfront, along with an elaborate French-style house built in 2015. The infinity pool looks like it’s emptying into the ocean.

6. $16.9 million

71A and 73A Dune Road, East Quogue

This listing is for an empty lot plus a house “built to suit.” There are two lots totaling 2.22 acres. The eastern 1.25 acre lot features 103 fett of ocean frontage and the western 0.97 acre lot has deeded ocean access. Either the new owner can build two new houses or combine the parcels and build one large house with guest house and tennis.

7. $14.975 million

90 Dune Road, Quogue

The pics look like renderings, so we’re not sure what stage this new house build is in. There are two acres of land with 200 feet of ocean frontage, along with a handsome modern house with an elevated pool, along with (and we love this) a year-round covered patio at ground level with its own spa/plunge pool.

8. $13.75 million

186/189 Dune Road, Quogue

This property offers quite a lot of land at 5.6 acres, which stretches from ocean to bayfront, but it’s long and narrow. The ocean side is 1.4 acres with an 8700 square foot 80s contemporary and a duneside pool. The bay side is 4.2 acres.

9. $13.5 million

154 Dune Road, Quogue

An old-school oceanfront cottage (almost certainly a teardown) on 2.96 acres of oceanfront land, with 212 feet of frontage.

10. $12 million

127 Dune Road, Westhampton Beach


With a great location between the bridges, this property boasts 1.2 acres of land and 120 feet of ocean frontage. The funky modern house is 5700 square feet, with 6 bedrooms and a duneside pool.