Trailer with Nixon-Era Kitchen Sells Within Weeks for $1.25 Million


This place is the definition of a fixer-upper. Combine harvest gold appliances, the cheesiest looking kitchen cabinets, sheet vinyl flooring and that fake 1970s paneling (the agent didn’t even bother picturing the bathroom) and you get–a million dollar listing?

Well, yes, if the condo coughtrailercough is oceanfront at Montauk Shores. (We do have to admit that the staging–which consists of a single bowl of oranges on the kitchen table to bring out the harvest goldness of the appliances, as well as a single buttoned cushion that decorated both beds–makes all the difference.)

This listing came on the market August 20, repped by Betsy Cronley at Corcoran, and here is is less than a month later in contract. We don’t know the final price but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was full ask, $1.25 million. This is an owned unit at Montauk Shores, which means that monthly charges are low.

Congrats to all involved! And the new owners are going to have fun redoing the place, we bet.

For more, click here. 100 Deforest Road Unit 19, Montauk