Welcome to Behind the Hedges: Making Sense of Hamptons Real Estate

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A rosy dawn over the crashing Atlantic—a slow, sweet amber sunset over the bay. A tranquil pond with gliding swans—a field of golden corn ripening in the summer sun. Fishing boats pulling into harbor and horses grazing in an emerald paddock. Clear, pure light and gray mists. The Hamptons is a place of unparalleled natural beauty, and those of us who call it home are deeply privileged, whether that home is forever or just for a weekend.

Our housing stock is unique: from ancient saltboxes to Greek Revival, from Victorian and Shingle Style, from 50s modern to 80s contemporary to the simple glass boxes favored today. Real estate—your own personal stake in this beautiful place—is an obsession here. The sport of the Hamptons, you could say. North of the highway or south? How close to the water? Inside the village or out? And with prices ranging from $500,000 to $100,000,000 just a few miles apart, it sometimes feels like anything goes.

We’re here to make sense of it all. The Behind the Hedges blog will bring daily updates on the homes and neighborhoods of the Hamptons, along with more in depth looks on interiors and architecture via our 10x a year print edition. We’ll be applying our gimlet eye to the home sales, architecture, interior design, and neighborhood news right here in the Hamptons. It won’t be boring.

Want to be a part of the fun? Great. We’re counting on you for your tips and feedback. See something? Say something. Email us, comment on the blog, Tweet us, post on our Facebook page, or check us out on Instagram. Everyone’s questions and opinions are welcome, whether you’re a tenth-generation Hamptonite or a new visitor. Are you an architect or designer with some new work you’re proud of? Let us know. Horrified at some horrendous McMansion going up down the block? Sound off! Have any questions about what’s going on in the sport of the Hamptons? We’re here for you and we’re eager to help. We live here and we love it.

Now, let’s do this thing.