Who’s Here in the Hamptons: Jimmy Giugliano


Dan Rattiner recently welcomed Jimmy Giugliano, one of the lead agents on Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House, to the Who’s Here in the Hamptons podcast. Million Dollar Beach House follows Nest Seekers agents in the Bridgehampton office, where Giugliano, who had some of the top sales in 2019, is the team leader, helping newer agents learn the luxury Hamptons market.

It was not that long ago that Giugliano was learning the business himself. The son of a local doctor, he graduated Southampton High School in 2006. After earning a degree at Coastal Carolina, he thought he wanted a career on Wall Street, but realized it was not for him after landing a job. During a short stint in construction, he got his foray into real estate and soon catapulted to the top. Just last year, he had the number one and number three trades with a $40 million sale in Bridgehampton and a $30 million land deal in Southampton.

When Eddie Shapiro, the CEO of Nest Seekers, pitched the idea for the show, Giuliano and other up-and-coming younger brokers, who did $160 million in trades last year were ideal candidates. While most others who find themselves among the top 10 agents on the East End are in there 50s and 60s and have been in the business for over 30 years, Giugliano says, “For us to only be doing this for five years, that’s pretty exciting to be competing with the big dogs.”

How did you get hooked up with the TV show did that happen?

So it was mostly because of my CEO Eddie Shapiro. We had success in the city with Ryan Serhant on Million Dollar Listing and we were looking for the next platform…Million Dollar Listing was all about substantial brokers that have been doing it for 15, 20 years and they’re selling $30 million dollar houses every year—that’s definitely exciting and people love to watch that, but there is something to see somebody evolve from the very beginning to the end and the team aspect of it and you know, seeing success so long. It’s a little inspiring. People are reaching out to me all the time, trying to work for me, or trying to intern or just ask for some advice. It’s not like I know everything, but I definitely hit a couple of rough patches to figure out my little niche in this market.

What’s the secret sauce [to your success]?

The secret sauce is bringing value. So, anybody can open a door and say, “oh, this is a six-bedroom house five and a half baths,” you know, these people can easily figure that out. There’s a reason why they have money, they’re smart people. So, the reason you know, you bring what you bring to the table is the off-market deals having knowledge of all the comps even five years ago. So really bringing knowledge and answering the questions truthfully and with facts, instead of opinions, is really brining values.

What what’s the most exciting listing that you have right now?

So, there’s a listing in the Southampton estate section, the cream of the crop of locations, besides the ocean, Southampton estate section has some of the most pricey real estate, ranging from $20 million all the way up to $70 million, just for a house and two acres in the estate section. So, there’s this listing I have that’s brand new construction for 410 Ox Pasture in Southampton and just in the last couple weeks now that it’s complete and everything. We’ve had multiple offers and it looks like we’re going to contract this week. So, the market is hot and if you have the right product in the right location, the buyers are showing up and giving you market value. So, it’s a great market and if you’re in the right location that you know, you can’t go wrong. There’s another one we have on 300 Murray Place that’s coming on the market work finishing up in three months. And before we even are completed with the project, we’ve already had so much interest and a couple offers. So, location location location, but those two properties on fire right now.

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