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Donald Trump’s Lawyer’s Bridgehampton Home is Certainly…Unique
July 20, 2017
We're all for individual taste and expression in interior design. We welcome it. In our view, it's better to express yourself, even if it's a little vulgar and not in the best taste, rather than live with some bland cookie cutter home decorated with perfect taste and no style by someone else. The exterior of the property, owned by Jay and Rema Goldberg (Jay represented Trump during various divorces), is fine: plain, simple, shingled; set on nearly six acres with a pool. Great. The ugly lurks within. Go inside and find "Turn-of-the-century French interiors, designed by world renowned designers..." Name and shame, we say. Name and shame. According to the listing, the great room interior as well as what looks like an office are done in French art nouveau. A little maybe. (Though somewhere Siegfried Bing is weeping.) The wallpaper and a couple of mirrors are art nouveau. The Aubusson tapestries in the office? Nope. The space includes some kind of weird double fireplace with carved head fire surrounds. Uh....OK. (Reminds us of Societe du Vin, also in Bridgehampton.) Wait, we meant to write "one of the most majestic and unique double fireplaces in the Hamptons." The property, represented by Christopher Burnside at Brown Harris Stevens, is asking $8 million. How reasonable that is, we cannot say, not without seeing the rest of the house. It's going to require quite a bit of renovation. For more, click here. 412 Mitchells Lane Bridgehampton
In Hamptons Real Estate, the Luxury Sector Roars Back for 2017
July 19, 2017
Luxury properties ($10 million and up) are doing well according to sales data. In the second quarter of 2017, four closings occurred in the $20 million range, as compared to a big fat zero in the same sector last year. The data was released by Town & Country Real Estate yesterday. The high-end properties were located in Southampton Village, East Hampton Village, and Water Mill. The highest was 328 Gin Lane, Southampton, oceanfront listing that sold for $31 million. The second was 1510 Meadow Lane, at $24 million; also on the list was 32 Middle Lane, East Hampton, at $25 million and 1285 Flying Point Road in Water Mill at $20 million. In the $10 – 19.99 million range, 10 homes were sold in the quarter in 2017, as opposed to 4 in 2016. But it wasn’t all golden. In two of the markets that Town & Country monitor, Shelter Island and Montauk, number of sales and median prices were both sharply down. In Montauk, number of sales was down 37% and the median price down 12%; while on Shelter Island, number of sales was down 42% and the median price also down 12%. (Of course, the weather was fairly terrible this spring: maybe it kept buyers from venturing too far out? Who knows.) A buoyant stock market means that hopefully these trends will continue. No, there haven’t been any blockbuster sales so far this year ($40 million or above, we’d say), but the data show that well priced properties will move, even on the high end.
Live with Stanford White Splendor in the Heart of Southampton
July 17, 2017
The Orchard property, later to become the Whitefields condominiums, on Hill Street in Southampton, was a crowning achievement of McKim, Mead & White. This 5000 square foot unit, with seven bedrooms and 6.5 baths, must be the nicest and most elegant of those we've seen for sale in this building. [caption id="attachment_61732" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos courtesy Elliman[/caption] It all started as a farm (thus the name The Orchard). The farmhouse was then remodeled into a Greek Revival house for a whaling captain in the 1850s. Eventually financier James L. Breese purchased the house and asked his friend Stanford White to remodel it. Today, the building, now called Whitefields after Stanford White, is very little changed on the exterior from its heyday as a mansion. The 16 acres of grounds were landscaped by Frederick Law Olmstead, and of course include a pool and tennis courts. This apartment includes a stunning, elegant staircase, which is the centerpiece of the main building. The handsome bones of the original building remain intact, including five fireplaces, although it seems that the kitchen and baths could use updating. Asking price for the apartment, which is represented by Michaela Keszler at Elliman, is $4.795 million. That sounds fairly reasonable to us: there's plenty of space, a very handy walk-to-everything location, and carefree maintenance. What do you think? For more, click here. 155 Hill Street, Unit 4, Southampton
The Hamptons’ New Most Expensive Listing: 14 Acres, $150 Million
July 14, 2017
Of course the 14 acres are on Meadow Lane; they comprise three four separate properties. All of them are or were owned by EDM king Robert FX Sillerman. Harald Grant at Sotheby's has the listing. [caption id="attachment_61296" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Sotheby's[/caption] One of them, 1116 Meadow Lane, with 3.66 acres of land, 200' of oceanfront, and a 12,800 square foot house, was sold by Sillerman in 2014 within a month for $37.5 million. The other two lots (still owned by Sillerman) are 1100 Meadow Lane (next door to 1116), with 2.4 acres of land, and 1080 Meadow, next door to 1100, with a small house on it and 4.5 acres of land. The last property is 1099 Meadow, an empty bayfront lot across the street with 3.5 acres. There are various structures on the land, but they're teardowns. Nice features which might be kept include golf greens, some small cabana like structures near the ocean, and a tennis court. As for the price, it's probably about right. If you figure 3.66 acres is worth $37.5 million, then 14 acres works out to about $150 million. Granted, the bayfront lot is worth a lot less than the others, but at least it ensures that you won't have any neighbors across the street. For more, click here. Meadow Lane, Southampton
Katie Lee Puts Her Water Mill Home Up for Sale, Asking $5.5 Million
July 13, 2017
Serial mover Katie Lee has put her Water Mill property on the market. But never fear, Hamptonites, she's not leaving us. She's purchased a boat and is looking in Sag Harbor for a new place where she can dock her yacht. The Water Mill house, while beautiful, is sadly landlocked around Little Noyac Path. (Hat tip to Curbed for spotting the listing first.Nancy Mizrahi at Saunders has the listing. [caption id="attachment_61286" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Saunders[/caption] Food Network star Lee is known for her summer soirees, and why not, with that stunning outdoor kitchen? The property is lovely inside and out, with stunning gardens and a very appealing traditional-style home, built in 2010. Though to be honest, we're slightly underwhelmed with the interior kitchen: it looks dull compared to the rest of the stylist house. There is plenty of appealing millwork, fireplaces, and even a gym with a Tracy Anderson sprung floor. In all, the plot size is 1.84 acres, which of course includes a pool; the house is 6325 square feet with seven bedrooms, seven baths, and one half bath. Asking price for all this is $5.5 million, which we think is realistic. For more, click here. 186 Little Noyac Path, Water Mill
Perched on the Edge of the Land, an Unpretentious North Sea Beach House
July 12, 2017
Endless views from every part of this compact house, sited where Wooleys Pond empties into Peconic Bay. There's 0.56 of an acre of land with 373 feet of waterfront. The house is simple, perfect for a beach house, with particularly nice millwork, including an adorable nautical bunkroom. Steel framing with hurricane resistant windows mean that the new owners don't have to worry about storms. [caption id="attachment_61187" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Sotheby's[/caption] There's 1900 square feet in all, including three bedrooms and 2.5 baths, perfect for a small family or couple. Of course there are plenty of decks for lazy summer afternoons with a Pimm's. Asking price for the property, which is represented by Pat Petrillo at Sotheby's, is $3.95 million. Whether that's reasonable or not, we can't say: the property is sui generis. For more, click here52 East Beach Drive, Southampton  
A Stylish New-Build in Amagansett Comes at a Steep Price
July 11, 2017
There's a lot to love about this new build, in the Devon section of Amagansett. It's modern but not cold, large at 5500 square feet but not enormous, and there is an attractive pool and pool house. Plus a "a permit-ready tennis court," all on two acres. Not enough? The property also includes a wellness spa. (Nope, us neither, but we're intrigued.) In all there are seven bedrooms and 7.5 baths in the house, represented by Ed Petrie and James Petrie at Compass. [caption id="attachment_61173" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Compass[/caption] So what's the issue? All this comes at a price, of course: $5 million, which is much higher than the surrounding area. (Yes, but do they have wellness spas? Hmmmm?) So that's the caveat. Everything else is a go with this place, we think. Cut a deal and have them throw in a part-time masseur, we say, named Sven. For more, click here. 22 Pepperidge Lane, Amagansett
Poor Unloved 23 Chauncey Close, Down 46% in Four Years
July 10, 2017
We're not sure what the issue is with this property, 23 Chauncey Close in East Hampton. It seems to offer plenty: a flat, empty lot of 3.9 acres, obviously close to the ocean, with about 500 feet of frontage on Georgica Pond and of course amazing views. It's currently represented by Lori Schiaffino at Compass. [caption id="attachment_61164" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Compass[/caption] Originally the land came onto the market in 2013 asking a hefty $18.5 million. It's been parceled with neighboring 19 Chauncey Close and offered separately, all at various price points. Now the ask is just under $10 million, which is a shocking 46% drop since 2013. Does anyone know what the issue is? Price? Wetland setbacks and variances restricting house size and pool? The crummy state of Georgica Pond putting people off? All of the above? If anyone has any intel, let us know in the comments. For more, click here. 23 Chauncey Close, East Hampton
Flipping Out a Block from the Ocean in Ditch Plains
July 07, 2017
In March, this property came onto the market asking $1.399 million and was purchased almost immediately for $1.234 million. We didn't think that was at all a bad price for 0.19 of an acre in Ditch, even though the 1969 cottage, with two bedrooms and one bath, looked pretty tired, as plans for a new house were included. [caption id="attachment_59735" align="alignnone" width="750"] Before house, via Saunders[/caption] Well, now it's back on the market, this time with Chris Coleman of Saunders, asking $1.45 million. Looks to us like the property's been given some new doors, a new kitchen, new floors and a new bathroom for a quick profit. [caption id="attachment_61151" align="alignnone" width="750"] After house, via Saunders[/caption] (Would it have killed someone to cover the circuit breaker box with a picture or something?) The roof deck has been painted white too. We still think this probably is a decent value but we'd prefer to see the new house in the plans. For more, see here. 29 Sanger Place, Montauk
The Ten Largest Homes for Sale in the Hamptons
July 06, 2017
Here in the Hamptons, nothing succeeds like excess. The bigger, the blingier, the better, especially in our homes. If you're finding your current 10,000 square feet a little cramped, here are ten options that will allow you to spread out a little. (Note: to make things easier, all the square footage of shelter available at the listing has been added together. La Dune, for example, includes two large houses that add up to 22,000 square feet.) [caption id="attachment_61119" align="alignnone" width="750"] Photo via Sotheby's[/caption]

1  The Summer House at Olde Towne

Size: 23,000 square feet 9 bedrooms, 9 full, 4 half baths Acreage: 4 acres Price: $34.950 million This new build has just hit the market. Perks include a rooftop putting green and an indoor basketball court. [caption id="attachment_61120" align="alignnone" width="750"] Photo via Sotheby's[/caption]

2  La Dune

Size: 22,000 square feet 12 bedrooms, 12 full, 1 half bath Acreage: 3.7 acres Price: "Upon request"--was somewhere around $150 million There's an antique main house "with links to Stanford White" and a new-ish, massive guest house, on the ocean in Southampton. [caption id="attachment_61121" align="alignnone" width="750"] Via Bespoke RE[/caption]

3 Villa Maria

Size: 20,000 square feet 11 bedrooms, 12 full, 1 half bath Acreage: 15 acres Price: $72 million Lovely Villa Maria has been on the market on and off since 2008. Unfortunately, a high price and poor location are holding it back. [caption id="attachment_61123" align="alignnone" width="750"] Via Sotheby's[/caption]

4 Three Ponds Farm

Size: 20,000 square feet 8 bedrooms, 12 full Acreage: 60 Price: $50 million Three Ponds Farm has been on and off the market since 2003. Yep, 2003. It boasts some incredible features, though, including 18 holes of golf, a grass tennis court, and of course its three ponds. [caption id="attachment_61126" align="alignnone" width="750"] Via Bespoke[/caption]

5 172 Cedar Street, East Hampton

Size: 18,000 square feet 12 bedrooms, 12 full, 1 half bath Acreage: 23 acres Price: $39 million This equestrian estate features a “12-bedroom principal home, a chic 6-bedroom guest house, two guest cottages, a quaint gatehouse, horse stables, and a barn.” Room for everyone. [caption id="attachment_61130" align="alignnone" width="750"] Via Saunders[/caption]

6 104 Halsey Lane, Bridgehampton

Size: 17,578 square feet 14 bedrooms, 17 full, 1 half bath Acreage: 2.58 acres Price: $12.4 million In addition to the enormous main house, this property also features a "recreational pavilion with living space on three floors with two bedrooms and three baths, plus a kitchen and living room." [caption id="attachment_61127" align="alignnone" width="660"] Via Corcoran[/caption]

7 Meadowmere

Size: 16,800 square feet 9 bedrooms, 9 full, 1 half bath Acreage: 3.1 acres Price: $32.5 million In the heart of Southampton's estate section, this 2012 build fronts onto Halsey Neck Pond. [caption id="attachment_61128" align="alignnone" width="750"] Via Elliman[/caption]

8 Rose Manor

Size: 15,791 square feet 11 bedrooms, 9 full, 1 half bath Acreage: 3.4 acres Price: $12.5 million This c. 1906 Quogue house also has "links to Stanford White" and used to be the home of Jerry and Eileen Ford of Ford Models fame. It's recently been completely renovated. [caption id="attachment_61131" align="alignnone" width="750"] Via Sotheby's[/caption]

9 Twin Peaks

Size: 15,500 square feet 12 bedrooms, 12 full, 1 half bath Acreage: 4 acres Price: $39.5 million This new build also features a rooftop putting green, as well as a main house, guest cottage, and pool house. [caption id="attachment_61132" align="alignnone" width="660"] Via Corcoran[/caption]

10 Ram Island Drive, Shelter Island

Size: 15,470 square feet 12 bedrooms, 12 full, 1 half bath Acreage: 4.3 acres Price: $12 million Built in 1929, this house is currently run as an inn but could be converted to a single family home. It offers beach frontage, moorings and a dock on Coecles Harbor.
An Eighteenth-Century Southampton Lady Gets a Facelift
July 05, 2017
This home, on Main Street, has been an iconic part of Southampton history since it was first built in 1710. It was then expanded in 1820 and today, after a recent reconstruction, the facade looks almost identical to 200 years ago. The property was purchased from the Southampton Historical Museum and most of the exterior had to be reconstructed with historical accuracy. [caption id="attachment_61107" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Brown Harris Stevens[/caption] The house was constructed in sections spanning four centuries—from the original west portion early eighteenth century farmhouse, to the Main Street facing 1820 Greek Revival, to the north portion early 1900s addition, to the latest 2016 additions and makeover. Inside, though, the rooms are definitely twenty-first century! They're spacious and bright, but with enough historic detail to ensure the past isn't forgotten. Old materials have been thoughtfully repurposed and reused: when a new foundation was poured, the old stones from the original foundation were reused into a fireplace and a decorative wall in the lower level. (And now, the finished lower level includes a wine room, gym/media room, sauna, and living area.) Original ceiling beams were used to create the beautiful double-height kitchen, and there are lovely original fireplaces in many of the main rooms. In all, there are seven bedrooms and 5.5 baths in the 6450-square-foot main house, plus a 900 square foot pool house with kitchen, additional bedroom and full bath. There's also a large barn-style garage on the 0.81-acre plot, along with a gunite pool and spa. Asking price for the property, represented by Shaunagh M. Byrne at Brown Harris Stevens, is $6.35 million. Original asking price last year was two million dollars more. This property has a lot to offer, of course, if the buyer can get around the fact that it's on Main Street. On the plus side, of course, is that so many of the great shops and restaurants in the village can be easily walked to from the house. For more, click here. 159 Main Street, Southampton  
A Sexy, Interesting New-Build Compound in East Hampton
July 03, 2017
What's sexy and interesting about this place? It's a compound with two houses, a main house and a cottage, and they're both new builds with plenty of great features. The main house is 5,500 square feet, with six bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. You can open the living room up entirely by closing the folding glass doors into the wall (and yes, there are Phantom screens if the night gets buggy). [caption id="attachment_61096" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Elliman[/caption] Of course there are indoor and outdoor fireplaces and a finished lower level with an additional bed and bath, a wine cellar, media room, and a recreation space. Both houses feature Crestron home automation and Sonos sound systems, too. Outside, there's a saltwater pool and spa with bluestone patios and a rather nice open breezeway cabana. The 1800 square foot guest cottage sports three bedrooms and 3.5 baths, with a Bakes & Kropp kitchen, its own lap pool, and dedicated parking. Basically, this is a very attractive new build with its own guest house and all the bells and whistles buyers want. It's represented by Christopher Stewart at Elliman. What's the downside? There's only 0.57 of an acre of land, it's on Wireless Road, not the most tony address but not bad, and the asking price is a cool $5,995 million. We think it will probably struggle at that price, but otherwise, great job on the build. For more, click here. 15 Wireless Road, East Hampton