The Biggest Hamptons Sales of the Past Ten Years


This year, so far, has been kind of a dud when it comes to blockbuster deals, as you can see from the list below. The biggest sale so far is just $31 million for 328 Gin Lane, a house that originally debuted on the market in 2014, asking a whopping $39.5 million. That’s the lowest number for the last ten years other than 2009, which followed the financial crisis. Of course, many deals are closing now and will close right after the new year, depending on how the buyer wants to structure financials. It may well be that a larger deal will come to light in the New Year. The second highest sale so far this year, and the largest in East Hampton, is the $29 million sale of 132 Apaquogue Road, best known for being the former rental of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

The third and fourth highest sales for this year hover around $26 million. The new-build Tower House at Olde Towne in Southampton sold for that much, and the Pond House on Briar Patch Road in East Hampton sold to Beyonce and Jay-Z for $25.95 million. Rounding out the top five is 32 Middle Lane, East Hampton, at $25 million.

2007 40 acres of Further Lane, East Hampton: $103 million

2008 Old Trees, 412 First Neck Lane, Southampton: $41.3 million

2009 42 Highway Behind the Pond, East Hampton: $19 million

2010 239 Gibson Lane, Sagaponack: $43.5 million

2011 Tyndal Point, North Haven: $36 million

2012 54 and 58 Highway Behind the Pond, East Hampton: $45 million

2013 Wooldon Manor, Southampton: $75 million

2014 60 Further Lane, East Hampton: $137 million

2015 226 Further Lane, East Hampton: $57.3 million

2016 Lily Pond Lane, East Hampton: $110 million

2017 328 Gin Lane, Southampton: $31 million