The Famous Goose Creek Waddles Back to Market at $16 Million

goose creek

Ah, Goose Creek. Famous–or infamous? Possibly both. It’s a property that is huge in every way: 19,000 square feet set on 5.5 acres in desirable Wainscott. It has some great features, such as all that acreage (set off a tiny inlet by Georgica Pond), an indoor wave pool, and a 110-seat screening room. Of course there’s also an outdoor pool (kind of weirdly shaped) and a tennis court. It’s been rented by many celebrities over the years, including Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

All photos via Corcoran

Goose Creek also has some not-so-great features. It’s a very strange looking house on the exterior. There’s a traditional shingled part (with quoins. For heaven’s sake, there is just nothing more ridiculous than fake quoins, which are decorative stone corner blocks, on a shingled house. Get rid of them!), with an odd tacked-on Mediterranean stucco part. Whoever buys the property, get a good architect to fix the exterior, please.

We do think, though, that the owners have done a great job renovating and modernizing the interiors. Back when Goose Creek last sold in 2014, the interiors were extremely dated and 90s. Now the interiors look fresh and bright with stylish contemporary furniture.

Also, while we guess the 110-seat screening room is pretty nice, your average multiplex has way more comfortable chairs, farther apart, with cupholders, these days.

It first went onto the market back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (we think it was 2004) asking a similary huge $26 million. As pages flew off the calendar, the price was eventually lowered, until after a mere ten years on the market, the property sold for $10.55 million. Now, represented by Michael Schultz and Susan Ryan at Corcoran, asking price is $16 million. We don’t think that’s a bad price at all, given the generous plot size.

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