My Hamptons: Thuyen Nguyen, Beauty Guru and Spa Owner


Skin and body care specialist Thuyen Nguyen is one of the worst-kept secrets in the Hamptons. In-the-know locals and celebrities like Jimmy Fallon rave over his skin care. After years of formulating treatments for legendary beauties including Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Uma Thurman, Katy Perry and Natalie Portman, Thuyen launched his own spa, FaceXercise Skin Fitness, in Wainscott. He also opened an outpost in New York City this past winter.

BTH: What is the best part about your job?

TN: What I offer people makes them feel beautiful, confident and more re-laxed than when they arrived. I grew up with more insecurities than average because I was so different from the All-American kids. It’s full circle for me to help others look and feel their best while taming their own inner critic.

BTH: You’re all about wellness. What’s an easy tip that a busy, stressed person can use to improve their health and wellbeing?

TN: Whether it’s a mani/pedi, soak in the bath or a quick foot rub, recharging is just as important as charging forward in your day. Women especially spend so much time caring for others, it’s crucial to care for yourself. Letting go is crucial to your mental and physical well-being. I teach clients to mas-sage their face in the shower daily to improve their circulation and promise that it’s the best home beauty secret you could incorporate. Nutritionally, I am adamant about green juice. You can’t beat the fresh vitamins and antioxidants from a tall glass of raw vegetables. I love all the lush greens for my juice during farmstand season.

BTH: How long have you been coming to the Hamptons?

TN: I started coming out east in the late ’90s to work with clients who summered here. When I wrapped up my role as the Spa Creative Director of Robert De Niro’s the Greenwich Hotel, I had the opportunity to either open my own spa in the city or out here. Opening in Wainscott turned out to be a great idea since it caused me to set up a Hamptons home, which has enriched my life more than I ever imagined.

BTH: Why do you like the East End?

TN: Being a caregiver in my work, I am highly sensitive to energies from people and my surroundings. There is a distinct vortex of sacred energy that I feel driving to the Hamptons. It’s why after living in NYC for 23 years, I choose to call the Hamptons my home and where my soul hangs its hat.

BTH: What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant?

TN: I have three restaurant crushes: Almond because I adore Eric and chef Jason’s passion, Pierre’s because I love anything French, and Highway because of Adam Lancashire.

BTH: Describe your perfect day on the East End in detail.

TN: Taking a ride with my French bulldog Wally. We relax with my friend Phyllis Landi who runs the ARF Treasure Shop. I often help her stage the furniture since it helps with sales which all goes to the rescues. Then Wally and I head home and I spend the late afternoon in my garden pruning plants and watching the deer. After all my time in the city as a social butterfly, I can’t describe fully how much these peaceful moments out east heal me.