Someone Needs to Just Buy This House: It’s Totally Metal

totally metal

It really is totally metal, at least when it comes to sheathing. When this house was built back in the mid 1980s, it was controversial. Some thought it an eyesore, especially since Sagaponack and Fairfield Pond Lane were much less built up than they are now. But 30 years later, we think it’s cool and much less horribly dated than some of its contemporaries. The interior has recently been renovated and looks great. There are stone and wood floors, softened with rugs, which contrast beautifully with the metal roofing and copious window glass. The kitchens and baths have also been nicely redone, and there’s plenty of space,  with 4650 square feet of space, five bedrooms and three and a half baths.

All photos via Corcoran

Location is quite good, far south in Sagaponack and close enough to borrow a cup of sugar from those nice Rennert neighbors. There’s plenty of land, with 1.38 acres, which includes a pool (with a cool bridge over it), tennis, and a basketball/sport court.

The property, currently repped by Susan Breitenbach at Corcoran, was offered for sale in 2013 for $10 million, but that was way too much. It came back onto the market in November 2016 asking $8.75 million, and has been gradually inching down in price. Now the ask is $7.5 million. What say you? Good deal? Would you like an interesting, distinctive house or do you prefer something that stands out less?

For more, click here. 70 Fairfield Pond Lane, Sagaponack