Douglas Elliman Honors 2022’s Top Performers on the East End

Douglas Elliman Hamptons Ellie Awards
Erica Grossman, left, and Thomas Cavallo, right, were among Douglas Elliman’s top performers in the Hamptons in 2022.
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Douglas Elliman Realty recognized agents who were top performers in 2022 during the firm’s annual Ellie Awards last week, including those on the East End.

One of the largest independent residential real estate brokerages in the United States, Douglas Elliman recognized its top performers throughout the nation on March 8.

“No matter the market, the region or the challenges we face as an industry, Douglas Elliman agents never fail to rise to the occasion and exceed expectations,” said Howard M. Lorber, Executive Chairman of Douglas Elliman. “Year after year, their tenacity and tireless determination inspires all of us in the company to achieve greater results.”

“As an agent-driven brokerage with a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, we are innately focused on the next thing, the next deal, the next move,” said Scott Durkin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Douglas Elliman Realty. “The Ellies remind us how important it is to look back, take stock and heartily celebrate all we’ve accomplished together.”

Awards are broken down by gross commission income (GCI) and volume for individuals and teams, as well as the number of transactions and rentals.

Enzo Morabito leads the Enzo Morabito Team, based in Westhampton Beach and Sag HarborCourtesy photo


In the Hamptons, the top individual prize based on gross commission income was awarded to Erica Grossman from the Southampton office. Thomas Cavallo of the Sag Harbor office placed second, Martha Gundersen of Bridgehampton was third,  Michaela Keszler of Southampton was fourth, Kristy Nadell of Cutchogue was fifth, and Paul Brennan of Bridgehampton was sixth.

Also recognized was Scott Bennett, David Donahue, Susan Ceslow, Marc (Aaron) Curti, Robert Landsiedel, Dawn Neway, Lauren Spiegel, William Wolff, Patrick McLaughlin, Clare Kirwan, Brenda Giufurta, Lisa Grenci, Elizabeth Capozzoli, and Brian Hagadorn.

Douglas Elliman Hamptons Ellie Awards
The Michael Lorber Team includes Alexander Boriskin, left, Michael Lorber, center, and Adam Hofer, right.Courtesy photo

The top team award by GCI went to The Enzo Morabito Team of the Westhampton Beach and Sag Harbor offices. Other top 10 teams by GCI included the Atlantic Team, the Michael Lorber Team, the Tunick Team, the Terry Thompson Team, Lord Chapin Team, the Poliwoda Team, the Porto Francavilla Team, the Aarons Goodstein team and Team Michael Daly.

Also recognized were the Thomas McCloskey Team, Mackay Dixon Team, the Adla Team, the Raphael Avigdor team and the Skislock Frezzo Team.

Douglas Elliman Hamptons Ellie Awards
The Tunick TeamCourtesy photo


Grossman also was recognized as the top individual agent in the Hamptons by volume. She was followed by Cavallo, Gundersen, Naddell, Brennan, Keszler, Bennett, Landsiedel, Curti and Donahue.

Ceslow, Grenci, Spiegel, Wolff, McLaughlin, Capozzoli, Clare Kirwan, Dawn Neway, Brenda Giufurta and Francis Fineo rounded out the top 20.

The top team by volume was also awarded to the Enzo Morabito Team. Other team winners by volume included The Atlantic Team, The Michael Lorber Team, The Tunick Team, The Terry Thompson Team, Lord Chapin Team, The Poliwoda Team, The Porto Francavilla Team, Aarons Goodstein Team, The Adla Team, The Thomas McCloskey Team, Team Michael Daly, Mackay Dixon Team, The Raphael Avigdor Team and The Skislock Frezzo Team.

Douglas Elliman Hamptons Ellie Awards
Kristy NaddellCourtesy photo


The top individual prize based on the number of transactions went to Naddell, who represented the Estates at Royalton on the North Fork.

Other individual winners included Bennett, Cavallo, Landsiedel, Grossman, Capozzoli, Donahue, Ceslow, Giufurta, Gundersen, Priscilla Holloway, Paul Loeb, Curti, Suzette Reiss, Spiegel and Thomas Uhlinger.

The Atlantic Team was named the top-performing team by the number of transactions for the Hamptons, followed by the Enzo Morabito Team.

Douglas Elliman Hamptons Ellie Awards
Dawn Neway


Maryanne Horwath, who works in the Southampton office, was named the #1 Rental Agent in the Hamptons by GCI. Other top rental agents by GCI included Keszler, Grossman, Neway and Gundersen.

Neway was named the #1 Rental Agent in the Hamptons by transactions. Other individual winners by transactions included Curti, Horwath, Giufurta and Mitchell Brownstein.

Meanwhile, the Atlantic Team was named the #1 Rental Team in the Hamptons by both GCI and transactions.

Other top rental teams by GCI included the Enzo Morabito Team, the Michael Lorber Team, the Nigro Team and The Terry Thompson Team.

Other top rental teams by transactions include the Enzo Morabito Team, the Poliwoda Team, the Mackay Dixon Team and Team Michael Daly.

Also, recognized each year is the Rookie of the Year. On the East End, the coveted award went to the North Fork’s Peter Halpin of the Cutchogue office.

Douglas Elliman Hamptons Ellie Awards
The Atlantic TeamCourtesy photo


The prestigious Pinnacle Club Award winners from the Hamptons and North Fork, presented to agents and teams who made over $1 million in 2022, included the Atlantic Team, Scott Bennett, Paul Brennan, Thomas Cavallo, Erica Grossman, Martha Gundersen, the Enzo Morabito Team, Kristy Naddell and The Tunick Team.

The National Award, presented to the top 25 individuals and teams (by size) by GCI for the entire company nationwide, went to Grossman, who came in eighth as an individual, and Cavallo , who came in 19 as an individual.

Also, the Eklund Gomes Team, number one as a Mega Team made up of Kyle Rosko and Marcy Braun in the Hamptons, was recognized, along with the Michael Lorber Team, number six as a large team, and the Mackay Dixon Team, which came in at number 16 as a medium-sized team.

By Volume, winners of the National Award included Grossman (#5 individual), Cavallo (#23 individual), the Eklund Gomes Team (#1 Mega Team), the Michael Lorber Team (#7 large team) and the Enzo Morabito Team (#13 medium team).

“We are so proud of our agents in the Hamptons and on the North Fork for all they accomplished in 2022, and for continuing to demonstrate our strength and dominance in the marketplace,” said Todd Bourgard, CEO of Long Island, Hamptons and North Fork of Douglas Elliman Realty.

“I continue to be impressed by the drive, focus, and professionalism our agents show daily. They prove again and again that they are truly best in class, performing at the very top of our industry every year. Congratulations to all!”

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