Douglas Elliman Honors 2023’s Top Performers on the East End

Ellies, 2023, 2024, Douglas Elliman
At left, Kyle Rosko and Marcy Braun of the Eklund | Gomes Team brought the listing at 51 West End Road to the closing table in January, bringing in $35 million, one of the top sales at Douglas Elliman for 2023. At right, Enzo Morabito, who was among the top Douglas Elliman real estate agents.
Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Douglas Elliman’s top-performing agents have been recognized at the annual Ellie Awards.

One of the largest independent residential real estate brokerages in the country, Douglas Elliman announced the winners of the 2024 Ellie Awards, which honor the firm’s agents who ranked at the top nationally during 2023.

“In the face of financial and market headwinds across the industry, Douglas Elliman agents persevered and prevailed, all while demonstrating characteristic resolve, ingenuity and professionalism,” said Howard M. Lorber, Executive Chairman of Douglas Elliman, in a statement. “We could not be prouder of what they have accomplished.”

“Douglas Elliman agents show, time and again, that they are second to none,” said Scott Durkin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Douglas Elliman Realty. “These best-in-class agents are the ones who trust in their experience and draw on their resourcefulness to thrive in any market.”

Last year, Douglas Elliman was ranked the top brokerage in the Hamptons, according to The Real Deal’s annual Hamptons ranking, as well as No. 1 on the North Fork for the total units sold. Plus, Douglas Elliman was considered first across Long Island in all categories. 

The brokerage also reports that 37 Elliman agents and teams closed 47 deals over $25 million last year, including two of the biggest sales in 2023 on the East End. Kyle Rosko and Marcy Braun of the Eklund | Gomes Team brought the listing at 51 West End Road to the closing table in January, bringing in $35 million for the sellers, Lloyd and Barbara Macklowe, founders of the prestigious Macklowe Gallery. Also, Erica Grossman brought the buyer to 35 Dune Road in Bridgehampton, which traded at $33.48 million.

“Congratulations to our Hamptons and North Fork agents on a truly outstanding year. It is due to their hard work and unwavering dedication that we soared to new heights in 2023, ranking as the #1 brokerage in the region,” said Todd Bourgard, CEO of Brokerage, Long Island, Hamptons and North Fork Regions of Douglas Elliman Realty. “In a year when real estate was contending with many challenges, our Douglas Elliman team showed notable resilience – growing, expanding, thriving, and garnering new successes. I am beyond proud of this team and their accomplishments, and I look forward to all that 2024 has in store.”


Awards were also given out based on Gross Commission Income (GCI). In the Hamptons, the top individual based on GCI was Michaela Keszler from the Southampton office. Other agents recognized by GCI were Erica Grossman (No. 2), Martha Gundersen (No. 3), Kristy Naddell (No. 4), Paul Brennan (No. 5), Brenda Giufurta (No. 6), Thomas Cavallo (No. 7), Robert Landsiedel, (No. 8), Scott Bennett (No. 9), Maryanne Horwath (No. 10), Francis Fineo (No. 11), Lynda Packard (No. 12), Michael Brennan (No. 13), Toni Asch (No. 14), Brian Hagadorn (No. 15), Elizabeth Capozzoli (No. 16), Paul Loeb (No. 17), Joseph Van Asco (No. 18), David Donohue (No. 19) and Susan Ceslow (No. 20). 

Ellies, 2023, 2024, Douglas Elliman

For Hamptons teams, the top GCI award was given to The Atlantic Team of the East Hampton office. The top 10 teams included the Enzo Morabito Team, which was second, the Tunick Team (No. 3), the Terry Thompson Team (No. 4), the Michael Lorber Team (No. 5), the Cammarata Team (No. 6), the Connelly Team (No. 7), Lord Chapin Team (No. 8), the Poliwoda Team (No. 9), and the Porto Francavilla Team (No. 10).


Looking at sales volume, the top individual agent on the East End was also Michaela Keszler. She was followed by Martha Gundersen, Erica Grossman, Paul Brennan and Kristy Naddell. Robert Landsiedel came in sixth, Thomas Cavallo at No. 7, Brenda Giufurta at eight, Scott Bennett at nine, Maryanne Horwath at 10, Francis Fineo at 11, Lisa Grenci at 12, Elizabeth Capozzoli at 13, Dolly Schuttinger-Glass at 14, Michael Brennan at 15, Lynda Packard at 16, Brian Hagadorn at 17, Raphael Avigdor at 18, David Donohue at 19 and Paul Loeb at 20. 

The Enzo Morabito Team ranked the top team by sales volume. Other team winners by volume included, in order, The Atlantic Team, The Tunick Team, The Michael Lorber Team, the Cammarata Team, the Terry Thompson Team, the Connelly Team, Lord Chapin Team, the Porto Francavilla Team and the Poliwoda Team. The Nigro Team and the Steven Cohen Team tied for 11th place.


The top individual prize based on overall transactions on the East End went to Kristy Naddell from the Cutchogue office. Other individual winners included Scott Bennett at No. 2, Robert Landsiedel (No. 3), Paul Loeb No. 4), Andrea Parks (No. 5), Brenda Giufurta (No. 6), Melissa Principi (No. 7), Elizabeth Capozzoli (No. 8), Michaela Keszler, Thomas Cavallo and Rita Rooney, all who tied at ninth, and Peter Halpin and Thomas Uhlinger, who tied at 10.

The Atlantic Team again ranked first for top performing team on the East End by number of transactions, followed by the Connelly Team, the Enzo Morabito Team, the Cammarata Team, the Porto Francavilla Team and the Terry Thompson Team, The Poliwoda Team, Lord Chapin Team, the Tunick Team, the Michael Lorber Team, the James Hogan Team, and the Piliero Team.

The Tunick Team


Michaela Keszler was named the No. 1 Rental Agent in the Hamptons by GCI. Other top rental agents include Erica Grossman, who came in second, Dawn Neway, who came in third, Paulina Keszler, fourth, Lynda Packard, fifth, Thomas Cavallo, sixth, Joseph Van Asco, seventh, Marc Aaron Curti, eithth, Brenda Giufurta, ninth and Toni Asch, who was 10th.

The Atlantic Team was named the No. 1 Rental Team in the Hamptons by GCI. Other Top Rental Teams by GCI included Wolff Bender Team (No. 2), the Enzo Morabito Team (No. 3), the Terry Thompson Team (No. 4), the Mackay Dixon Team (No. 5), the Michael Lorber Team (No. 6), the Poliwoda Team (No. 7), the Nigro Team (No. 8), The Bouckoms Team (No. 9) and Team Michael Daly (No. 10). 


Meanwhile, Dawn Neway was named the #1 Rental Agent in the Hamptons by transactions. Other individual winners by transactions included Joseph Van Asco (No. 2), Brenda Giufurta (No. 3), Marc Aaron Curti (No. 4), Michaela Keszler (No. 5), Erica Grossman (No. 6), Paulina Keszler (No. 7), Tania Deighton (No. 8), Maryanne Horwath and Lynda Packard (tied at No. 9) and Thomas Cavallo (No. 10). 

The Atlantic Team again was named the No. 1 Rental Team in the Hamptons when looking at transactions. They were followed by the Poliwoda Team, Mackay Dixon Team, the Enzo Morabito Team, the Wolff Bender Team, the Bouckoms Team, the Michael Lorber Team, Team Michael Daly, Lord Chapin Team and The Terry Thompson Team (which tied at ninth) and the Connelly Team (No. 10). 


Cleo Ahn of the Bridgehampton office took home the coveted Rookie of the Year award for the East End.


The prestigious Pinnacle Club Award winners from the Hamptons and North Fork, presented to agents and teams who made over $1 million in 2023, included The Atlantic Team, Erica Grossman, Michaela Keszler, The Enzo Morabito Team and The Tunick Team.

The National Award, which is given to the individuals and teams (by size) based on GCI for the entire company nationwide, went to Michaela Keszler, who ranked 12th overall, the Eklund Gomes Team, which is considered the No. 1 Mega Team at Douglas Elliman, the Michael Lorber Team, recognized as the fifth among large teams, and the Steven Cohen Team, which ranked fifth among medium teams

By Volume, winners of the National Award included Michaela Keszler, as she ranked 13th as an individual, Eklund Gomes Team, again the first amongst the Mega Teams, The Michael Lorber Team, fifth for the large teams, the Steven Cohen Team, third for medium teams, and the Enzo Morabito Team, ranked 12th for medium teams.

Lastly, the Eklund | Gomes Team, led by Kyle Rosko and Marcy Braun in the Hamptons, was inducted into the Billion Dollar Club.

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